Sport Spout Drink Bottle

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • for kids design team
  • Miroslav Egorov
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg

Commissioned By: for kids

Designed In:


The ultimate thirst quencher, the sport spout bottle ensures children drink every last drop. The unique, ergonomic triangular tritan™ bottle is designed to suit smaller hands with easy open/close mechanics. Features include; removable carry handle/bumper, patented button mechanism and large, angled, spill-proof spout for easy free-flow drinking.

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  • At, we know what it takes to be GDA worthy having recognition for our drink bottle in 2019. A well-designed and popular product, it was limited in the age-range that it catered to. We saw more opportunity! And set off to design a bottle that continued to encourage independence in children, but also offered a unique set of user benefits that would; appeal to a wider age demographic, cater to and grow with our young users therefore extending the bottle’s life cycle and offer simplified use, cleaning and care for kids and parents. We wanted to create an all-rounder!

  • Our unique, triangular bottle gives young children greater control to encourage independent drinking. The two capacities of 450/600ml cater to growing children and thirsts! The TPE carry handle/bumper provides a bright, fun aesthetic and supports younger users to carry, manage and protect the bottle. Both are removable to provide a grown-up aesthetic. The silicone spout provides free-flow drinking & the thin valve prevents spills. The flip-lid protects the spout for improved hygiene & holds in place when drinking. The large opening lets children refill independently and even add ice. For parents, our sport spout bottle disassembles for easy, hygienic cleaning.

  • Our sport spout bottle firstly, empowers young children to use initiative and to drink independently. Then, it grows with the child by using removable parts to adapt to evolving needs and preferred aesthetics. This creates a greater commercial offering by providing a value-for-money product that has improved usability and greater longevity. It also has a positive environmental impact; the increased life span of the product minimises waste, as do replacement spouts (sold separately). Made from 100% recyclable materials; PP, tritan™, silicone and TPE, each part is marked to communicate recycleability at the end of the product life cycle reducing landfill.

  • Our sport spout bottle is designed to provide children with ease of use. The ergonomic shape is suitable for small hands and the large, easy press button can be opened with either a one or two-handed grip. The unique, patent-pending spring mechanism in the button uses a section of the silicone spout to spring the button back into place. Competing bottles generally use a separate stainless steel or silicone-tube spring to push the button back. Our design cleverly uses the natural properties of the silicone straw to support this feature thus reducing parts and manufacturing complexity/time and supporting recyclability. The spill-proof spout mouthpiece is designed to appeal to a wider age demographic by using light suction for easy, free-flow but at the same time not to flow uncontrollably if the bottle is knocked over when the lid is left open. The large soft handle supports simple packing in-and-out of a schoolbag and carrying around the schoolyard or sporting activities. The gasket/o-ring has also been combined with the drinking spout, further reducing parts & assisting parents with easy disassembly and assembly for hygienic cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe.