Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Entry to the Australian Good Design Awards

1. Good Design Australia reserves the right to refuse entries that do not comply with all applicable eligibility criteria, or that challenge or put into question the reputation of Good Design Australia and/or the annual Australian Good Design Awards program. This decision is at the sole discretion of Good Design Australia and no correspondence will be entered into.

2. Entries that no longer meet the eligibility criteria following application such as a failure to meet production deadlines must be withdrawn and may be resubmitted the following year only. The original application fee will be credited toward this re-submission but regrettably cannot be refunded.

3. Information supplied within or in relation to the application must be real, correct and complete. Please note that all personal or sensitive information will be treated as confidential and used in accordance with Good Design Australia’s Privacy Policy.

4. Claims made by the applicant such as “unique”, “world-first”, “one of a kind” or “owned by” must be substantiated. Good Design Australia reserves the right to request further evidence such as records of all applicable patents, trademarks, design registrations or intellectual property ownership.

5. Good Design Australia reserves the right to conduct further periodic trials or request substantiation of claims including safety and Australian and International Standards compliance.

6. Applicants recognised with a Good Design Award will automatically be included in the Winners Package at an additional cost. Applicants who wish to opt-out of this service must notify Good Design Australia via email before the Winners Package Opt-Out Deadline. If applicants fail to notify Good Design Australia within this period, they will be automatically included in the Winner’s Package and invoiced according to our Fee Schedule.

7. Applicants that purchase more than three (3) Good Design Award Winners Packages, will receive their fourth Winners Package and any additional Winners Packages at no extra cost. This offer is limited to a maximum of 8 Winners Packages in total. Any additional Winners Packages over eight (8) per company will receive a 50% discount on full price.

8. Should an entry no longer warrant the right to carry the Good Design Award trademarks during its lifecycle, these accolades may be revoked at any time if the reputation of Good Design Australia is put into question.

9. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10. All submission material and accompanying documentation must be clearly written in the English language.

11. By entering the Australian Good Design Awards, applicants confirm they have all relevant permission(s) from involved parties associated with the entry including the client(s), copyright and patent holders and any other associated parties involved with the design and development of the entry to allow Good Design Australia to promote the entry across any of its promotional platforms without limitation.

12. The entry and accompanying documentation including images, photography and AV material must be made available for use without limitation by Good Design Australia for the ongoing promotion of design in and outside Australia. Images and AV material may be supplied to the Australian and international media for publication to further promote the entry, the Good Design Awards program and Good Design Australia in general.

13. Good Design Australia will use its best endeavours to credit photography and AV material supplied as part of an entry where such information has been specifically supplied. All other images and AV material supplied to the media will be credited: Images courtesy of Good Design Australia.

14. Product samples might undergo internal inspections or tests and might therefore be dismantled. Every effort will be made to rebuild product samples to their original state prior to return however Good Design Australia accepts no responsibility for failure to do so.

15. Products might be transported by Good Design Australia. Every effort will be made to ensure the security of products and other materials submitted by the applicant during assessment and exhibition. Please be aware that Good Design Australia, its employees and contractors accept no responsibility for any damage or loss caused to any submission material during transportation, handling or storage and that packaging, transportation and insurance of any submission material is the responsibility of the applicant. Due to the highly fragile nature of some submission material, please be aware that damage or loss might occur. Insurance to cover damage or loss should be considered if the value of the item is considerable.

16. Submission material is “on loan” by Good Design Australia for the period between the submission due date to the Good Design Awards Presentation Ceremony. It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for the collection of all submission material during the two weeks following this period should they require. Otherwise, all material will be retained by Good Design Australia to do with what they deem fit, such as use in future exhibitions and promotional opportunities.

17. By submitting an application to the Australian Good Design Awards, the applicant is agreeing to the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of entry.

18. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Good Design Award Registered Trademarks

The following terms and conditions apply to companies who purchase the Winners Package and display the Good Design Award registered trademark logos:

1. Good Design Australia is the trademark owner of the Good Design Award trademarks and reserves all rights to the display and use of such devices in any form whatsoever.

2. Use of the trademarks is by invitation only and is only permitted after meeting assessment criteria on entry and any further periodic tests as determined by Good Design Australia. A condition of use is the uptake of the Winners Package, which allows the use of the trademarks as supplied and without modification. The licence may be revoked at any time if in the opinion of Good Design Australia the reputation of the Good Design Awards or Good Design Australia is brought into question.

3. The licensee is required to keep Good Design Australia informed of all material changes to the entry or trading circumstances during the licence period. Good Design Australia reserves the right to make inquiries and inspections as required to confirm ongoing compliance.

4. All usage of the trademarks must conform with the current style manual and supplied artwork. Artwork remains the property of Good Design Australia and must be returned on request. The licensee cannot waive responsibility for the actions of its agents, subcontractors and other third parties.

5. To become a licensee, companies must agree to the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of licensing.

6. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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