Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • for kids Design Team
  • Miroslav Egorov
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg
  • Sylvain Amatoury

Commissioned By: for kids

Designed In:


Mealtime learning is made fun with our unique & quirky silicone fresh food feeder. Rocket-shaped with a dynamic 3-handle design, babies and toddlers can take pleasure in exploring tastes independently, or with parents lending a hand. The silicone mouthpiece is ultra-gentle on baby’s gums and removable for simple fill, use & clean.

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  • Our challenge was to redefine an existing product offer; to improve our fresh food feeder and offer a sleeker, more visually appealing infant feeding aid that provided better usability for little learners and increased practicality for busy parents. We were tasked with designing a feeder that was fun and functional, safe to use and hygienic. That offered simplified cleaning and care for parents. That stood out among competitor offerings whilst aligning to the aesthetic of existing feeding solutions. All with a focus on increased efficiencies and minimal waste in the production process.

  • Our improved silicone feeder is self-standing, a first in the market. This upright design means the pouch avoids contact with dirty surfaces, even if knocked on its side keeping it clean and hygienic when in use. Children can hold the feeder with one/both hands, from any angle, while the third leg lets parents help during early stages of independent feeding. The three-piece design includes a click-top ring, connecting silicone pouch with tripod stand and hygiene-cap. The pouch can be attached/removed without having to remove the locking ring for ease of use. Twist down and release the mesh to fill/ clean.

  • Our silicone fresh food feeder supports the development of important life skills, by encouraging self-feeding for children. Little learners can independently navigate new sensory experiences associated with colour, taste, smell and texture whilst developing fine motor skills. The free-standing functionality addresses universal parental concerns around health and hygiene. A market-first, it keeps the mouthpiece clean and germ-free during use. Replacement pouches, sold separately, increase the longevity of our feeder and reduce landfill. Made from 100% food-grade & recyclable materials - PP and silicone, each component allows for responsible disposable of the product at the end stage of its life cycle.

  • Our silicone fresh food feeder has been designed with the limited dexterity of children in mind. The ergonomic, tripod design fits small hands creating a better grip and encouraging independent feeding practices with one hand or two. The third leg gives parents the ability to support learning in the early stage, by directing the feeder. The silicone pouch design is moulded for small mouths and is soft on sensitive young gums and teeth, so babies and toddlers can chew and suck the pouch comfortably. The supporting hygiene cap can be placed over the silicone pouch after washing or sterilising, to ensure the pouch stays clean and hygienic for the next use or when on-the-go. Our feeder is made from 100% food grade, non-toxic materials - PP and silicone, and is BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalates free, meaning no hidden nasties. Our fresh food feeder can be easily dismantled for thorough cleaning, the pouch can be attached/removed without having to remove the locking ring for added convenience & less likelihood of misplacing parts. It is steriliser and top-rack dishwasher safe. The flexibility of the silicone design means the pouch can be turned inside out to enable careful cleaning in hard to reach places.