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  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Dana Weil

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Often confused for designer rugs (best compliment ever), our soft foam play-mats are designed to keep bub safe whilst still allowing you to show off your beautiful home. The must-have baby product now comes with intricate pattern, enduring quality, and one-of-a-kind artistry that make us stand out of the crowd.

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Image: The River Play Mat photo by Melissa Tonkin
Image: The Luna Play Mat
Image: The Indigo Play Mat by Tiffany Claire
Image: The Sahara Play Mat by Margaux
Image: The Indigo Play Mat by Dana Weil
Image: Iluka Play Mat by Dana Weil
Image: Indigo Play Mat by Melissa Tonkin
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  • We believe that if your home isn’t a welcoming, nurturing environment the minute you walk through the door, maybe it’s time for change. Having a baby can easily change the interiors in your home, but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your oasis. For your own well-being (and family’s), we believe that your home should welcome you with open arms! Creating spaces where stress and strains can melt away, spaces where you can rejuvenate and soak some precious moments with your family. Where you can feel more at ease, and simply be.

  • Rugabub has all that in mind while creating the ultimate play-mats for your sanctuary. Rather than ADDING a play-mat to your home (like bright ABC ones that we have all seen and know) why not get a Rugabub Play-Mat that was designed to be PART of your home. We created safe reversible play-mats that allows you to show off your beautiful home; play-mats that can improve the visual appeal of your space as well as your decorative elements. A stylish side that respects parents - when flipped over, you treasure a fun, minimal and playful map for the family to enjoy.

  • Our designer rug looking foam play-mats are soft, squishy, 15mm thick memory foam that simply wipe-clean with a damp cloth to make life that much easier. Not only are Rugabub play-mats beautiful, but they’re made of the utmost sustainable and 100% non-toxic material available to the industry which complies with and exceeds International Safety Standards. We care about you and your child’s safety, but also the environment. Proudly, Rugabub Play Mats are made from eco-friendly & biodegradable materials that will completely break down over-time. We care about our own children, and the world that we leave behind for them.

  • Here at Rugabub, we believe in so much more than just providing a “baby must-have” product. We know that nearly every home will end up buying a play mat for their family, and that not only will the baby, but the whole family be spending a great deal of time on it. We believe that minimalism does not mean boring. More people prefer to live a life of simplicity. People are farewelling their clutter and integrating a cleaner life. They’re investing in fine-looking pieces that complement their space, they are looking for pieces that are durable, rather than filling their home with meaningless objects. This is where Rugabub comes in. Our designs are timeless and simple We keep our designs neutral enough to go with anything. Rather than ADDING a play mat to your home, why not find a play mat that complements your home? They are beautiful, they are versatile, they complement your home. They are easy to clean (simply wipe-clean). They are non-toxic and create a safe environment for your growing family. They help living in an uncluttered environment and reduce the toxins and dust building up in and around your stuff. We are all for that.