Product Design – 2023 Best in Class Winners


Each year, the Australian Good Design Awards Jury deliberates over hundreds of incredible innovations entered into the Awards’ Product Design category. Within nine sub-categories, the Jurors look for excellence in product and industrial design, honouring projects that improve quality of life and contribute to better economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Each project is assessed to a specific set of criteria that covers good design, design innovation and design impact. The diversity of sub-categories invites unique entries from industries like sport, medicine, agricultural and transport, and all are evaluated in-line with the particulars of their field. 

In 2023, there’s a genuine buzz surrounding the Product Design category. This isn’t only because the Good Design Award of the Year – the Awards’ most prestigious accolade – was awarded to a product design innovation, but because the calibre of projects has once again exemplified the positive impact the product and industrial design space can make to people and our world. 

Keep reading to discover the Best in Class Winners for each Product Design sub-category.

Sports and Lifestyle

The Avatar Dive Mask

Design + Industry, Wētā Workshop & John Garvin

Image: Mark Fellman© 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

The Sports and Lifestyle sub-category awards excellence in products used for recreational and professional sporting, including equipment and apparel. Lifestyle products are also recognised as part of this sub-category, which includes children’s goods and educational products. 

In 2023, the Australian Good Design Awards Jury named the Avatar Dive Mask and Life Support System as the Best in Class Winner in the sub-category. Design + Industry were engaged in a collaborative project to design and build dive masks and equipment that would align with Director James Cameron’s artistic vision of Avatar 2: Way of Water, all while being fully functional for long periods of underwater filming. The mask is complete with safety, visibility and communication features, making it easier for the cast and crew to work comfortably and efficiently.

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Domestic Appliances

Sanso EvOne

David Sloan Kruse

Image: Lucas Allen

Beautiful appliances can help transform your house into a sanctuary you’re proud to call home. It’s what the Domestic Appliances sub-category celebrates, recognising excellence in products like barbecues, air conditioners and electrical goods that bring value to people’s lives. 

The Sanso EvOne – a world-first air-purifying light – was named 2023 Best in Class Winner for Domestic Appliances. The ceiling-mounted device works by improving air circulation with an interior fan. It’s fitted with a HEPA filter and ioniser, which simultaneously pull dust particles out of the air. Through pollution-monitoring technology, this adaptable design is ideal for those who suffer from allergies and asthma and want to maximise their floor space. 

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Automotive and Transport

BruderX EXP-8

Tom O’Connor, Jasper McPhee, Nick Malt & Dan Bosschieter

Image: BruderX

From speedy electric cars to stunning watercrafts, the Automotive and Transport sub-category awards excellence in a diverse range of transport and automotive designs. 

The BruderX EXP-8 drove home with the trophy this year after being awarded the 2023 Best in Class Winner for Automotive and Transport. Authoritative in form and unparalleled in function, the BruderX EXP-8 redefines the limits of off-road camper trailers. Its generous interiors provide a luxurious living experience for users, while its resilient exteriors effortlessly glide through any terrain. Lightweight, intuitive and efficient, the exceptional design of this camper trailer inspires adventure in every season.

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Furniture and Lighting

SYSTM Furniture

Lifecare Furniture & Clandestine Design Group

Image: Systm Furniture

The Furniture and Lighting sub-category is inclusive of entries used in domestic and commercial environments, including workstations, architectural hardware and textiles. 

The 2023 Best in Class Winner for Furniture and Lighting is SYSTM Furniture, a renewable furniture range designed for use in healthcare facilities. With covers that can be removed and replaced within minutes and parts that can be easily disassembled, SYSTM makes it easier to maintain hygiene standards. Finished with clever details like fire and water resistant fabric and crafted without a debris-trapping seat well, SYSTM has the ability to refresh, remodel and revive.

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Consumer Electronics

HP 14 Laptop PC Eco Edition

HP Design + Native

Image: HP

As technology becomes increasingly integrated with our working lives and leisure time, exciting new advancements continue to delight uses and inspire designers. The Consumer Electronics sub-category recognises such excellence in products like computers, phones and gaming consoles. The 2023 Best in Class Winner for Consumer Electronics is the HP 14 Laptop PC Eco Edition, a laptop that balances sustainability with cutting-edge educational capabilities. 

Affordably priced and complete with a 9.25 hour battery life, this laptop is designed to help students and hybrid workers unlock their full potential. Its display features an 84% screen to body ratio, allowing space for uninterrupted multi-tasking. Crafted using recycled materials and energy efficiency considerations, the HP 14 Laptop PC Eco Edition sets a new standard for sustainable consumer electronics design. 

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Medical and Scientific


PPB Technology, Tricycle Developments & Xentronics

Image: PPB Technology

Good design has the power to make significant progress in the way we treat patients and advance our scientific understanding. To encourage and recognise evolution in these essential industries, the Medical and Scientific sub-category awards excellence in products like medical devices, therapeutic goods and home health care. 

The 2023 Best in Class Winner for the Medical and Scientific sub-category is CYBERTONGUE®, a future-forward food testing system that allows for faster, more accurate food sample analysis. Using protein-based biosensors, CYBERTONGUE® tests liquid samples for a diverse range of low-level components, including harmful bacteria. This helps food stay on the supermarket shelves for longer – reducing waste, improving quality and saving money. 

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Hardware and Building

Aliro Accessible Collection

ABI Interiors Pty Ltd

Image: ABI Interiors Pty Ltd

The Hardware and Building sub-category awards products used for pool care, home security, plumbing and more. This year’s Best in Class Winner for Hardware and Building took a refreshingly creative approach to accessible bathroom ware. 

In response to monotonous assisted living products, the Aliro Collection offers accessible bathroomware that look stylish and function seamlessly. With a plethora of colour options and shapes to suit every aesthetic, the range is equally safe and sophisticated. Designed by the team at ABI Interiors, who believe a beautiful bathroom should be accessible to everyone, the Aliro Collection is an exemplar of product design that improves life quality with an artistic flair. 

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Commercial and Industrial


BioScout & Tiller Design

Image: BioScout

Inclusive of commercial equipment, agricultural machinery and office products, the Commercial and Industrial sub-category brings an abundance of innovations across a myriad of competitive industries. 

The overall winner of the 2023 Good Design Awards, and the Best in Class Winner in the Commercial and Industrial sub-category is BioScout, a revolutionary new technology for growers. 

By detecting disease particles before they’re visible, BioScout allows farmers to target their use of fungicides, reduce unnecessary sprays and save precious time. It helps to protect the planet and streamline resource use, earning well-deserved recognition as one of the agricultural industry’s most revolutionary disease detection technologies. 

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