Systm Furniture

  • 2023

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Lifecare Furniture

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SYSTM is not just a chair – It’s a furniture tool kit built to solve the biggest problems in the healthcare market. SYSTM is the first furniture range designed to be easily dismantled and user assembled for:
– thorough and hygienic cleaning
– fast on-site reupholstery in a beautiful range of quality fabrics.

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Image: Systm Furniture - easy onsite disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
Image: Systm Furniture - Innovative Assembly Key
Image: Systm Furniture - Maintenance and Cleaning in action
Image: Systm Furniture - Range examples
Image: Systm Furniture - Range examples
Image: Systm Furniture - Range examples
Image: Systm Furniture - Full Range Models 1 - 9
Image: Systm Furniture - Full Range Models 10 - 21
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  • The built environment sectors of aged care and health care have always had high demands for furniture in terms of cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Unfortunately, traditional approaches and responses to these needs have resulted in less expensive furniture being supplied in more ruggedised or industrial materials and finishes, with a shorter and more disposable life-cycles. Lifecare Australia felt it was time to take a fresh approach to furniture manufacturing, resulting in revolutionary designs which are better for our elders, better for our carers, and better for the environment. This was the ultimate design challenge that the Systm Furniture approach solved.

  • Systm offers a stunning collection of 21 Chairs and Sofas that are fundamentally different in design ethos, construction and market sales approach. Inside Aged / Health Care facilities, novice users, carers, or cleaning staff can easily disassemble Systm chairs. This allows for immediate maintenance, hygiene control, or general updates to the interior design space with ease, speed, and massive cost savings associated with care facility furniture assets. With Systm, there is no such thing as a short furniture life cycle; the innovative assembly system, combined with timeless designs, will allow facilities to manage their furniture indefinitely into the future.

  • The design of the new Systm Furniture range is having a revolutionary impact on the market. Cleaning existing furniture solutions is difficult, which frequently leads to non-sustainable disposal and purchase of new furniture assets. To ensure that the chair can be easily cleaned of excrement, Systm allows for the quick and easy removal of upholstery layers or the removal of a back rest. Most importantly, the Systm now provides more physical care and comfort to our loved ones in nursing homes. It enables seasonal or room-by-room interior design changes, significantly improving residents’ space appreciation and their mental health.

  • The Systm collection introduces a completely new line of modular kit furniture that does not resemble modular kit furniture, which typically appears cheap and disposable. The Systm range includes the following features due to its excellent design: - A set of modular fixing and locking components that are standardised and produce a click and connect effect during furniture assembly. - Each piece of Systm furniture includes its own Systm Key for on-demand assembly, cleaning, and maintenance tasks. - The Systm is simple to understand, operate, and apply across the 21 chairs and sofas in the range. - A "Layer Design Assembly" methodology allows for quick removal, cleaning, or replacement of the upholstery layer for minor stains, but the overall chair sub-assemblies can also be quickly and easily removed, cleaned, or replaced. - Premium fabrics, engineering grade frame components, and upholstery connection systems that are simple to remove and replace are all environmentally friendly features. - The Systm assembly method not only helps with in-use cleaning and maintenance, but it also reduces packaging size, shipping costs, and on-site storage requirements, saving money and making the product range more environmentally sustainable over its entire life cycle.