BruderX EXP-8

  • 2023

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Tom O'Connor
  • Jasper McPhee
  • Nick Malt
  • Dan Bosschieter

Commissioned By:

Dan Bosschieter

Toby Bosschieter

Designed In:


The BruderX EXP-8 is the pinnacle of caravan design, designed and built by Australians, to Australian standards, for any terrain the EXP-8 is the go anywhere, do anything caravan. From Angola, Mongolia, USA, South America, Armenia, Iceland to Middle East and Europe. Travel in comfort and style in the EXP-8.

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  • The harsh Australian outback has always posed the greatest challenge for any overland adventurer. To appreciate the vast natural beauty of our land and beyond we must venture further into the untamed wilderness, while ensuring a minimal and self-sustainable impact on the environment. The ever-increasing interconnectedness of our lives drives an even more insatiable thirst to reconnect with the entropy of wilderness, to go beyond the beaten track; to thrive where few adventurers have before us. The EXP8 needs to provide a self-sustainable and future-proof lifestyle without compromising the Bruder experience, continuing to lead the industry standards.

  • To begin our design journey we looked at how we can we design and provide a product that continues to lead the industry standards whilst still providing the Bruder Experience. We took sustainability to the next level with the EXP8, a power-hub on wheels, capable of extreme feats like powering a four person house when docked, charging an EV vehicle while driving and a continuously self generating water supply system. All of this was achieved while still maintaining our uncompromising, luxurious and stylish adventure standards.

  • The EXP-8 is at the forefront of the overland caravan community. This caravan is a completely self contained, self sufficient outlier that allows its user to travel in extreme conditions in extreme style. There is no commercial comparison to this caravan, its prowess lies in its ability to reconnect and redefine one’s relationship to the environment and to the world. Being at the forefront of design and engineering in this space the EXP-8 impacts all end users by offering a unique, high-end experience tailored to the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.

  • The EXP8 features a large bathroom that dwarfs that of the industry standard. It holds a queen bed and clients can assemble another queen and bunk bed inside to easily sleep 5 people. With all of this it still maintains a large kitchen with more than enough space and storage to cook to the same standards as any household kitchen. With a clothes washer and dryer along with many other amenity creature comforts, and an air filtration system that stops dust or sand from entering the van, you don't need to worry about compromising your cleanliness during your extreme off-roading adventures. tested and refined, Bruder vans have traveled across the globe in the coldest and hottest environments and yet, still provide comfort with high-powered internal dual heating and cooling systems. With all of this, we are comfortable with saying we have exceeded our goal of ensuring a high-end experience tailored to the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.