PPB Technology – CYBERTONGUE® Food Testing System: Laboratory Quality Results in Minutes™

  • 2023

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PPB Technology’s CYBERTONGUE® is a revolutionary food testing system. Food processors use it to analyse samples on site in minutes, instead of sending them to an external laboratory and waiting days for a result. It allows processors to improve food quality and safety, reduce waste and increase supermarket shelf-life.

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  • All processed foods are tested for safety and quality before they reach the consumer. Testing targets include pathogens, toxins and undeclared allergens. Early detection keeps food safe and reduces waste. Currently testing is conducted by external laboratories. It takes days to deliver results, which is incompatible with continuous production and just-in-time supply chains. A food technologist complained: "Our products are on the supermarket shelf before we know they are safe". We set out to develop a system that provided Laboratory Quality Results in Minutes™, was always available and was a joy to use, even for non-specialist operators.

  • The CYBERTONGUE® rapidly measures trace levels of critical components (analytes) in complex samples. It allows producers to make real time decisions, streamline production, reduce food waste and increase food safety. It comprises a device, preparation station, operator interface and a portfolio of shelf-stable reagent tubes, containing biosensor proteins. These proteins can be tuned to measure almost any trace component of food and provide a result within minutes. The CYBERTONGUE® system produces highly accurate, reliable results through an easy to use and informative design.

  • The CYBERTONGUE® System is set to revolutionise food testing. It allows non-specialist staff to make accurate, traceable analytical measurements of food samples in minutes The result is improved safety and quality in food supply chains. The instrument allows for easy and frequent food testing, through a refined and stable test protocol, delivered in an easy to use and intuitive workflow. In Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 the solution has been demonstrated to and/or trialled by dairy processors across Australia and New Zealand. Universally they have been wowed by the simplicity, ease of use and accuracy of CYBERONGUE®.

  • - CYBERTONGUE® is protected by multiple granted and pending international patents. - Testing of complex liquid samples without the size, cost and complexity of microfluidics. - Light-emitting proteins that can be engineered to respond to a wide range of different analytes. - The engineered proteins are classified as biosensors. They encode the amount of target analyte present through the ratio of blue to green light they emit, which is accurately measured and characterised by the device. - The biosensor and starter solution are shelf-stable and do not require freezing. - Refined UX and workflow delivered through sample preparation station, device touchpoints and operator UI. - Sample tubes are collected after their use for recycling. - Device includes a unique single-handed, self-closing lid that protects sensitive light sensors. - Modular design format fits within varying laboratory bench spaces. - Internal sample heating control and sensing for precision and consistency. - Future-proofed cloud and internet connectivity architecture for scaling and sample traceability. - Customer, engineering lifecycle and compliance tested. - The product conforms to IEC and RCM standards for Lab Instrumentation. - Simple method for unit calibration and cleaning.