Vogel’s TVM 3645 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

  • 2022

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The TVM3645W is a white full-Motion TV wall mount in the Vogel’s COMFORT series, designed with families in mind. It is exceptionally easy to position and can handle up to three times its maximum weight capacity, it keeps the screen securely fixed on the wall

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  • The TVM3645W is one of the results of a 5-year research and design project at Vogel’s headquarters in the Netherlands. The goal? replace all existing product lines with a range of TV mounts, implementing lessons learned in the past. One of the achievements is that the components of the TV mounts have been designed to be modular. This has advantages, both in production and in the future. It is possible to design new products quicker, as the design team can start from existing parts. But this also allows Vogel’s to investigate solutions to further extend the lifespan of the products.

  • For the optimization of the production of this product laser operated welding would make the most accurate and reliable arms for full-motion products. This was a reason for cooperatively implementing and fine-tuning this process at the manufacturing plants.

  • Another goal of this project was to decrease the environmental impact of Vogel’s TV mounts. An important achievement is that all plastic and Styrofoam parts have been eliminated from the packaging. Mounting kits are now added in paper bags, and the TV mounts are carried in paper pulp interiors inside the product box. This means the packaging contains 95% less plastics compared to the previous models which makes the packaging 100% recyclable. But most of all, Vogel’s takes pride in making quality products that function for years to come. Vogel’s hopes to contribute to normalizing products that last!

  • The design of this TV mount is functional and elegant. Extra special is the white edition. The matte white powder coat gives the mount a luxury feel. The grey wall plate cover and accents add to the modern look. With a TVM 3645W, families can be certain of a safe solution. Each Vogel’s TV wall mount is TÜV-3 certified. This means the mount is tested to still be fully functional at three times its maximum weight capacity, and after thousands of cycles. When the TV is not in use, it folds flat to the wall with just 59mm (2.3 inch) space between the TV and wall. With the view to respect both people and planet, COMFORT series packaging is made from 100% recyclable material.