Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor

  • 2023

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Kenwood Limited

Designed In:

United Kingdom

Multipro Go is a unique Ultra-compact Food Processor that addresses the current trends of homes getting smaller with combined living spaces, where storage is a premium.

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  • The Handle on the Lid is a key part of the product's story,allowing it to be moved easily around the home,placed in cupboards/drawers with ease.The control switch has been placed on top for a few reasons;It is clearly presented to the user;it promotes holding the handle at the same time to increase stability & can be used with the product in any orientation.The plinth base helps provide stability,reduce visual height & providesthe basis for the cable wrap solution.The innovative cable adjustment feature is infinitely adjustable allowing you to keep the cable at just the right length to prevent clutter on the worktop.

  • The product has two main attachments; a compact bowl for small capacity processing,and a direct serve tool that allows unlimited slicing and grating. With the main UI on top presented to the user, its 360 degree nature means it can process directly to a pan in one instance then be rotated to process into a separate bowl straight away, saving time. It can be stored fully assembled with its chosen attachment either on the worktop, in a cupboard or even a pan drawer,meaning it is ready to use with little effort or the need to search for a specific tool.

  • Targeted at the younger consumer who typically would live in smaller/shared homes.Storage space is a premium,they are more likely to buy a Food Processor that provides core functions they need without extra tools that are rarely,if ever used. Its been designed so it can be stored fully assembled,meaning it is ready to use without the need to search for specific tool.Its simplicity means that it has fewer parts & easy to clean,This addresses one of the biggest user complaints with Food processor users.The handle on top promotes portability,it allows the unit to be easy used & stored around the home if required.

  • Compact On Display Store in Drawer Always ready Stored Fully Assembled Chopping Slicing Grating Unlimited Slicing Grating Direct Serve Direct to Pan Plate Younger Consumer Simplified, offering core FP functionality User focussed Unboxing Reducing Plastic Bags in packaging Soft Form Open plan living Smaller homes Portability anywhere kitchen/living/dining/ outdoor Height Reduction (eu Pan Drawer & Cupboards) Cable Adjustment feature infinitely adjustable Stable Platform 360 degree use with switch on top Top handle for portability Mini Bowl handle offers enough control for capacity weight while remaining compact 2 Colours following current trends, broader environment, less kitchen SDA more earthenware