VersaMe Starling

  • 2016

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    Consumer Electronics

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Starling is a science-backed wearable device that can boost brain development in young children. Research has proven that the number of words a child hears throughout the day strongly predicts future vocabulary, IQ, and emotional well-being. Starling keeps a running count of spoken words through direct verbal engagement.

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  • The star icon is a very positive one - it is a token of motivation and resembles a “gold star honoring” for exceptional achievements. In a very non-intimidating way, Starling helps parents keep track of their engagement with their child. Whether it is a one-sided conversation, or simply reading traffic signs out loud, its goal is to motivate parents to have their child reach the stars, at any age. We wanted this star to be as light and as small as possible yet still pass the mandatory choke test. It is a soft and edgeless form so it's safe for baby, even if they put it in their mouth. A flexible magnetic tether allows use of Starling as a wearable for baby or attached nearby to a crib, stroller, play pen, etc.

  • Starling is a wonderful combination of advanced voice technology and kid friendly design. It has a built-in microphone to count the words parents are speaking to the child (without recording), so the device needs to be close on hand at all times to pick up spoken words consistently. Therefore Starling has a very innovative attachment mechanism which magnetically tethers it to nearly anything you want, including baby's clothes, play pen, crib, even placing it on the charging base. Starling features an all-day battery and a small activity light that gives feedback and signals your level of engagement. Pair it with the VersaMe app to set word count goals, monitor progress, find activity ideas and set challenges.

  • Shaped like a friendly little star, Starling is soft, seamless and safe, attaching to babies' clothes via a tethered magnet. The design is very safe for baby as it is too big to swallow; too soft to hurt oneself; and too flexible to break. It's cuddly too. The design passed mandatory choke tests and follows safety regulations for use of magnets in infant products. Design is good when it's in perfect harmony with the user, and even better if its value extends into a lifelong benefit like Starling.

  • When it comes to brain growth and speech, a child's first 4 years matter more than the next 80 years combined in terms of future vocabulary, IQ and emotional well-being. This device can help parents give their child the best start in life. A lifelong benefit like this one is priceless! Starling launched on Indiegogo in Fall of 2015 and was fully funded in less than 1 day. Starling is on a social mission too, and the company partnered with Literacy Lab to put the Starling in the hands of families in need. Starling has been featured in many articles and it is becoming the talk of the town within parent circles. Employees, the press, and parents are all raving about Starling and its design.

    Wearables are becoming more ubiquitous, but Starling is the first wearable for babies and small kids. A wearable for baby is much more difficult because babies try to remove them, eat them, and destroy them. Starling's unique construction and attachment method make it a perfect solution for a baby wearable. Its soft materials and soft forms are also safe for babies. Starling is backed by science, approved by parents, and befitting a young infant's lifestyle. It is positive, friendly, soft, easy to use, easy to clean, and its value extends into a lifelong benefit. Starling is a breakthrough winner in the world of infant care.