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Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that bends to scoop up liquid from small spaces into its baste reservoir. The Australian designed product then feeds the liquid onto its bristles for drizzling, brushing, and basting, with a built-in spoon rest that ensuers no drips.

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  • Silicone basting brushes rarely carry enough liquid for the task at hand, and synthetic or boar hair brushes are difficult to clean effectively. The designers wanted to create a basting tool with the fluid capacity of a spoon, that was able to brush liquids with the precision required for delicate pastry tasks. Unlike simply using a regular spoon to collect liquid, such a design would need to easily gather liquid from hard-to-reach places or when only a small volume is available, like when basting meat in a roasting dish. The design must also be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Brizzle acts as a regular basting brush, with the added ability to scoop 1tbsp of liquid from hard-to-reach places, without tilting your dish to consolidate the fluid. This was achieved by engineering Brizzle's cup to fold back, so its reservoir directly contacts the bottom of the pan. 4 holes inside Brizzle's head were created to control the release of liquid onto its bristles, reducing the number of times the bristles need to be 'loaded' for the application of oil, baste, or egg wash during use. Brizzle's handle was kinked to give the additional benefit of a built-in spoon rest.

  • Brizzle adds value to an existing, and largely unchanged, product category, and encourages consumers to expect more from the design of their everyday items. Allowing consumers to scoop liquid from a hot roasting dish without tilting it provides ease-of-use, as well as increased safety in the kitchen. Brizzle's reservoir provides superior liquid delivery over traditional boar bristle brushes, with the hygiene and ease-of-cleaning of a vegan silicone brush. This gives the consumer the benefits of both brush types in one item, without the compromises of either and without the environmental or financial impact of producing and purchasing two items.

  • Visually, Brizzle is immediately recognisable as a basting brush while intuitively conveying its additional functions. Through careful design and specific material choice the head of the Brizzle will flex in a deliberate manner allowing the collection of basting juices, and the controlled return to its original shape avoids unintentional splashing. 100 extra-fine silicone bristles are heat-resistant to 260°C / 500°F, non-abrasive, and safe to use on non-stick cookware. Additionally, they won't trap bacteria, while still providing maximum liquid retention. The head of Brizzle sits up off the bench when put down, reducing mess and avoiding contamination. The weighted handle ensures the tip always stays up even when the reservoir is full or when the bristles are coated in thick sauce. 4 holes inside Brizzle's head control the release of liquid onto its bristles, making Brizzle perfect for drizzling oil, basting pan juices, and brushing egg wash.