Twist Connect

  • 2022

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The Twist Connect is a surface socket that connects directly to fixed power cable in a roof space, allowing quicker fit off for installation of downlights. It was designed to save electricians time and money; helping them improve their business and creating a better life for them and their families.

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  • LED downlights come with a lead and electrical plug, designed to be plugged into a surface socket in the roof. A typical surface socket can take 2-3 minutes to install, and considering a standard home could have 30-40 downlights, this can take a lot of time and risk for RSI due to the manual terminations required with a screwdriver. The challenge was to create a connection that would do away with the need for tools, reduce the installation time to under 10 seconds, would make a safe connection every time, while also lasting a lifetime.

  • The design precisely aligns the blades with the conductors in the cable, and via a 130 degree twisting motion, the base and the top collar pull the cable into the blades, so that the blades pierce and wedge between the strands of copper in each conductor. The mating of the top and base components have been designed to minimise the effort needed to pierce the cable, while ensuring that once closed the connection will not become loose over time.

  • The end result improves an electricians life (quicker installation = more profit, more family time) while also reducing the likelihood of RSI through traditional stripping and screw termination methods. By designing the product to fit through a 70mm downlight hole, the product is suitable for the majority of the market of lighting upgrades. Environmentally, it is a better solution compared to a standard surface socket. Piercing into existing cable creates no waste, as opposed to stripping cable. The packaging is plastic-free, and the cardboard carton free of labels or laminated surfaces, meaning it is compostable as well as recyclable.

  • We have colour coded each model, to make it easy for differentiation. The model that suits 1.5mm2 cable has a white collar, and 2.5mm2 is the grey collar.