Liquid Instruments Moku:Pro

  • 2021

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    Medical and Scientific

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  • Liquid Instruments
  • 4Design

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Liquid Instruments

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In the past, we had typewriters for writing letters and calculators for working with numbers. Then, the computer changed everything. Moku:Pro uses Software Defined Instrumentation, the “computer” of test and measurement equipment. This Australian designed product can measure, record, log, process, synthesise, lock, filter and generate in real-time.

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  • Engineering lab instrumentation hasn't seen innovation in decades. Instrumentation is key to many new innovations. The challenge was to bring the world of test and measurement equipment into the 21st century with software defined instrumentation to allow scientists and engineers build a better future. Traditionally limited to individual, non-connected devices, the tool had to be powerful enough to synthesise 12 different instruments and designed so that you can easily access multiple instruments.

  • Moku:Pro delivers adaptable instruments that can optimize performance across a broad range of applications. It's a new way to build your dream system. Moku:Pro's monster FPGA can be sliced and diced into smaller functional FPGAs, each one dynamically reconfigurable to run its own instrument. FPGA technology was initially created for NASA but has many other applications. Run instruments independently or daisy chain them to build optimised signal conditioning pathways. The instruments coexist on the same FPGA chip, there's no need to worry about synchronising clocks or non-deterministic communication latency. Each instrument slot supports a dedicated 20 Gb/s communications pathway.

  • Moku:Pro delivers the capabilities of multiple stand alone instruments with a drastically smaller physical and power footprint. Cloud Compile gives you the ability to tailor customised hardware accelerators for real-time filtering, data acquisition and control applications. Cloud compile supports Moku:Pro's multi-instrument mode, allowing you to enhance existing instruments with your own unique creation with infinite possibilities. Scientists and engineers now have multiple tools on hand to help them test and build next generation innovations.

  • Moku:Pro's quad-core ARM processors enable high-speed data streaming to a built-in SSD or over ethernet, USB-C and WiFi. Unrivalled long-term stability with direct digital down-conversion. High-speed sampling with digital down conversion provides dramatic performance advantages over conventional analog down conversion. Take the best of both worlds. Resolve high-frequency signals with pristine noise performance by sampling up to 5 GS/s at 10 bits. Each channel features a dedicated 18 bit ADC tuned for acoustic signals. Moku:Pro's powerful FPGA implements real-time blending of the ADC data streams to deliver unprecedented noise floor and dynamic range from 10 Hz to 600 MHz. All these features are not achievable with stand-alone test equipment