TV Unit by Koala

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Koala Sleep Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The Koala TV Unit delivers on needs within today’s entertainment landscape. With room for all your cross-platform devices whilst providing the ability to hide, yet easily access your plethora of ports, plugs and dongles.

Assembled without tools in minutes, this flexible unit meets all your entertainment and home styling needs.

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  • Customer need statement: "I need a way to organise all my entertainment equipment including the TV" The focus for this unit was to improve the single most pressing pain point found within existing TV units. How to organise and hide all the cables and devices that are commonly found within a contemporary home entertainment centre. Generous segmented storage with easy access and optional sliding doors provided a flexible configuration to suit the majority of homes. The discreet cable pathways and a slide-up false backing panel makes installing and removing devices simple, without having to move the entire unit.

  • Through ethnographic research including home interviews, we identified what most people are hiding within their cabinets. The platform size suits most common sized flat screen TV's, and closed storage provides room for 3-4 devices, sound bar, modems, controllers and loose DVDs (because, people still own these!) We were working to implement production within Australia, so developed the product with limited materials and processes to keep costs down. We then had to balance production capability, design language and a logistic profile Vs assembly-ease balance. Through rapid iterative testing we achieved a simple assembly and thoughtful product experience, delivered to your door.

  • Commercially, these products have given Koala increasing authority within the living room as the brand transitions from a 'bed In the box' or bleep brand, into furniture and lifestyle brand. Sustainability took priority over Australian manufacture and sourcing a suitable lightweight, high quality, PEFC certified timber took extensive research and coordination. Production was moved to Slovakia to partner with a supplier that could work with our volumes, labour standards and manage PEFC certified raw materials directly. Limited materials and processes means low wastage in production and simplifies downstream reclamation and disposal.

  • Our unique product development process to ensure high market attraction. Live testing frequently through the development process using consumer panels and in-house user testing we unearth the core issues people are trying to find a solution for. Through rapid iteration and a robust feedback loop, we ensure their needs are met to a high standard ahead of putting any product into production.