• 2019

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    Medical and Scientific

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Nanosonics Ltd

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trophon2 is a global solution in the specialised healthcare area of ultrasound probe reprocessing. It is an automated high level disinfection system that protects patients against probe cross-infection. With industry first smart data integration, trophon2 brings cutting edge design to the hospital floor.

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  • Ultrasound probes need to be properly disinfected to protect patients. The process has to meet varying regulatory requirements and needs to be documented for traceability. Traditional disinfection methods consist of manual processes and may expose users to toxic chemicals. They also involve time-consuming handwritten records. To solve these issues trophon2 needed to: • provide protection for patients against the risk of cross-infection from ultrasound probes, whilst also protecting staff and the environment • introduce a future-proof solution for data integration • enhance workflow in hospitals and clinics (saving them time and money)

  • With trophon2 Nanosonics has brought a simple consumer product styled interface into the traditionally complex medical device arena. In designing trophon2, Nanosonics created a solution that is: • Intuitive • Simple to use • High tech • Provides enhanced features to meet customer needs and address emerging requirements • Provides enhanced patient safety Design and development took a dedicated cross functional team 5 years to complete. trophon2 has 784 components, sourced from 68 suppliers in 11 different countries, including 450 purchased parts. This complex project came together to produce a sophisticated world-first technology that represents the global standard of care.

  • trophon technology currently protects over 60,000 patients around the world every day. trophon2 has been designed to significantly improve workflows, saving healthcare facilities both time and money. The new smart data integration features and usability of trophon2 have opened up further global markets for Nanosonics (including Germany, France and the UK). trophon2 reduces the use and disposal of toxic chemicals into the environment. It generates environmentally friendly by-products (primarily water and oxygen) to allow for the easy, safe disposal of waste. As it requires no plumbing or rinsing, water wastage is also reduced exponentially in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

  • trophon2 provides extensive protection in reducing the spread of healthcare-acquired infections. It goes far beyond the minimum regulatory requirements and inactivates an extensive range of infectious pathogens on ultrasound probes, including sexually transmitted infections (including HPV, HIV, Hepatitis) and drug resistant superbugs (such as MRSA). trophon2 introduces a unique AcuTrace RFID technology to ultrasound probe disinfection. This allows a user to scan (rather than manually log) disinfectant, operator and probe details. The automatic generation of audit compliant disinfection documentation saves a user time and administration burden. trophon2 can store 100,000 records, which can be easily downloaded to a USB. Eliminating manual record-keeping. trophon2 is compact, adaptable and fully mobile, allowing it to be placed anywhere in a healthcare facility, wherever ultrasound is used. This provides a facility the freedom to move away from having to reprocess probes in a centralised (and often inconvenient) location. As well as the fundamental features listed above, trophon2 introduces a host of smart usability enhancements, all designed to make life easier for an operator, including: o Whisper quiet fan technology o Easy open, soft touch door o Modern, clean and healthcare sympathetic industrial design o Compatibility with over 1,000 surface and endocavity ultrasound probes