4Front Louvres – operable louvre roof system

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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Martin and Kim Uren

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4front Louvres is an innovative, fully automated and opening louvred roof system. This Australian designed product provides users year-round comfort, control and protection in outdoor spaces. This louvred roof system is suitable for use in both residential and commercial applications across all Australian conditions.

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  • Opening louvred roofs have been around in Australia for over 35 years and in that time not much has changed. 4front louvres has taken on the challenge of a brand new grass roots design. Our brief was to resolve numerous known issues with existing roofs on the market. We wanted a system which looks great, is rattle free, smooth in operation and durable for long lasting use in harsh outdoor conditions. Our solution is entirely unique and offers many design firsts including our patented louvre blade mounting system. We call it the "Duroball"

  • A 4Front louvred roof has tight, no metal on metal connections, but is still adjustable to accommodate the necessary twist in the panel required for rainfall runoff to a low point. This is achieved with our patented mounting system which uses a composite material "ball and socket" joint. It is strong, rotates quietly and is rattle free when static. It also allows for the louvres to be "dropped" in for ease of installation. The mounting system also carries the cables for our unique to Australia louvre with integrated LED lighting running along its length. Moving parts and fixings are hidden.

  • An opening louvred roof offers the benefits of a functional outdoor living area that is weather proof, and well ventilated. It aids with the passive heating and cooling of the home, and daylight management. With the increasing trend for low maintenance, high density living it is often the only solution that meets certain planning criteria. With such an important social and environmental story we wanted to improve the products capabilities, use the latest technologies and make it more accessible to the consumer with a competitive price tag. No one has previously re-invented a louvred roof with a clean sheet approach.

  • The moving parts of the Duroball are made of low friction differential plastics. These are fully encapsulated in the mounting rail to minimise dirt and debris ingress which negatively impacts on the smooth action and further contributes to wear and tear. It has infinite angular fall adjustment of up to +/- 7mm. Our product is the only roof with an optional dual seal to stop leaks. We have incorporated a feature into our louvre blades to manage condensation drips and moisture runoff. The blade upstand profile, or overall thickness, is minimal to minimise shadowing when the roof is open, but, it is still deep enough to carry a high capacity of rain fall effectively to the gutter. We have eliminated all bi-metal corrosion with clever part separation. We have sourced a streamline long life, IP 66 rated motor and located it on the roof such that it can be easily accessed for routine maintenance, if required.