• 2020

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    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Ryan Lawson

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Ryan Lawson

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Fido’s modular design adapts to a renter’s changing needs. It’s made from two cushions, can be re-configured, with changeable slip on/off covers, fits in your car, assembles in minutes, is high on design, durability, comfort and sustainability, without costing the earth. It’s the only sofa you’ll ever need to own.

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  • We started with a simple objective; design a sofa for renters so adaptable they would take it with them to every new home. In Australia alone, around 1.7million millennial renters move homes every year, averaging 6 moves before the age of 40. Cheap sofas inevitably end up on street corners, due to the inflexibility of the product and non-durable materials. The brief was to design a hyper-adaptable sofa that could be re-configured/re-styled to suit any living room or taste, easy to move, quick to assemble, high on durability, comfort and design whilst costing less to the consumer and the planet.

  • We’ve reduced a sofa down to 2 cushions; a seat and a back/arm. The simplicity of the design belies the innovative inbuilt engineered structures within the cushions. By eliminating extraneous parts found in typical sofas, we’ve reduced costs and waste while investing in highly durable materials; steel-frames, automotive seating suspension, premium fabrics, high-resilient foams and pocket-springs. It fits in a car and can be assembled in minutes, without tools. We also recognise that renters tastes and interiors change, so it’s endlessly re-configurable and has changeable covers, tables, legs and adjustable seat depths.

  • We see an opportunity to service the world’s rapidly growing population of renters by providing them with a premium quality alternative to cheap disposable sofas. By reducing parts, materials, volume and shipping costs, we keep the carbon footprint small and the purchase price low. By ensuring that the highest quality recyclable materials are used we ensure these sofas crucially retain their comfort, support and looks over a renter’s lifetime. And by designing a sofa that can endlessly adapt to a renter’s changing space and tastes, we ensure this is the only sofa they will ever need to own.

  • This is a modular sofa unlike any other. We’ve stripped all extraneous elements from a typical sofa and reduced it to 2 innovative cushions (seat and combined back/armrest) with inbuilt frames and suspension, that allow for maximum versatility and premium comfort. It's endlessly reconfigurable from chairs, 2/3/4 seaters, chaises, corner settings and sofa-beds, using 2 lightweight cushions that can be assembled within minutes and fit together seamlessly for a high-end finish. The covers can be easily removed and cleaned, side tables repositionable and seat depths adjustable for personalised comfort. By investing in durable steel frames, multilayer high-resilience foams, pocket-springs, automotive seating suspension, premium fabrics and leathers, we’ve ensured this sofa retains its shape, comfort and looks throughout a renter’s lifetime. We’re committed to sustainable design; our foams are CertiPUR-US certified - made without mercury, lead, heavy metals, PBDE flame retardants, ozone depleters or formaldehyde; our fabrics are non-toxic, recyclable and UV resistant. Our sofa is made without glued-together plywood, MDF or chipboard that could release formaldehyde and the solid timber tables and legs are made from sustainable sourced timber. Our sofa uses less parts, fewer materials and no screws, nails or staples, making it easy to disassemble and recycle.