• 2023

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Secure parking is transforming the global parking industry through the creation of “Voyager”, an IoT carparking solution designed, developed and manufactured in Australia. Secure parking enlisted multi-disciplinary experts across Australia to custom-design hardware, software and services to provide the best customer experience and operational efficiency. A complete re-imagined parking solution.

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Image: Voyager Readerhead
Image: Voyager Readerhead
Image: Voyager Expanded Readerhead
Image: Voyager Expanded Readerhead
Image: Voyager Display
Image: Voyager Expanded Readerhead
Image: Voyager in Motion
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  • The brief was to create an IoT based cashless and contactless car parking system where customers connect in near real time for a seamless end to end digital car parking experience. The design challenge was to create a product for customer interaction that enhanced the user experience and accessibility of the parking system. The Solution had to allow for easy installation, maintenance, scalability and customisation, whilst withstanding the elements from various harsh environments.

  • By investing in design and encouraging industrial design, software and UX to be developed holistically, our team created a bespoke solution, optimised for all our stakeholders and every stage of its lifecycle. The modular nature of voyager’s hardware allows easy installation with new and existing carparks, and quick and efficient repair via tool-less access and plug-and-play components. The reader head has multiple forms of interaction and feedback for customers, from a large touch screen, to contactless QR scanners for bookings, NFC readers for permanent-parkers and payment modules for casual users

  • Voyager is a design-first approach, that is unique for a carpark operator to undertake. By choosing not to adapt existing equipment from traditional providers, secure parking, along with our team of partners, set a new standard in our field for a no compromise vision. This resulted in the complete development of not only the readerhead, but the entire eco-system including software, UX and backend operations of the system. Through a strategic focus on manufacturability, repairability and future-proofing, voyager is uniquely positioned to retain its sleek ergonomic design whilst being enhanced technically to meet the needs of customers in the future

  • - Stainless steel components provide superior corrosion resistance, whilst the readerhead has high levels of ingress protection with component spec’d to work in extreme weather conditions - Sensors and audio-visual components are integrated seamlessly, including cameras for interaction with customers, and collision-detection within the reader head to alert maintenance teams - No moving parts, maximised uptime, reduced costs and increased revenue - Elegant, streamlined and contactless experience - Technology future proof to support near realtime customer offers - The reader head has been designed be hot-swappable means faster response to support outages and maximised uptime - Unified customer experience across customer facing digital platforms (mobile, web, auto) which are integrated in near realtime with in field carpark equipment that has been designed for high aesthetic appeal - Built tough to withstand harsh environments, with gorilla glass touch screen and stainless-steel housing. Voyager is IP54 and IK08 certified, operational temperatures from -10°C to 55°C - Modular solution to ensure quick component replacement for less downtime