The Long Light

  • 2021

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:


Henry Caird

Designed In:

New Zealand

The Long Light is a bespoke pendant light, perfect for hanging over different sized tables, benches amd counter-tops. This New Zealand based design is available in custom lengths to fit within different sized spaces, and features a minimalist design with a bold, low-sheen colour finish.

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Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
Image: Henry Caird
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  • To design an adaptable lighting product that can fit within different spaces and allows for customisation to suit the client's aesthetic preferences.

  • We designed modular components to allow The Long Light to be scaled in 0.5-meter length increments. Our standard lengths are 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m. Adaptability to suit different spaces is a defining feature of The Long Light. Within the same modular design, our customer can order The Long Light in different lengths, colour, or material finishes. Folded sheet metal is an amazing production process that is made to a high standard in New Zealand & Australia.

  • The Long Light can be locally made using pre-existing press brake tools that are accessible globally. It is designed to last using robust metals, durable surface finishes, and modular components. Modularity is not only efficient in terms of customization and for stocking components, it also allows defective components to be replaced more easily when issues arise within the supply chain. The modular design also allows for The Long Light to be shipped partially assembled or fully flat pack if need be. This reduces shipping costs and lessens the negative impact on the environment sending large items around the globe.

  • A character element of The Long Light is that it illuminates through the gaps where each panel meets. Whether used above a kitchen bench, conference table, or in a retail space, The Long Light is a statement piece that is adaptable to the customers lighting needs. Shipping a really long linear light is a pain point and can be a large cost for customers. For lengths over 1.5m we are able to send The Long Light partially assembled for ease of transport. The installer is then required to fully assemble together with just six socket head screws provided. The Long Light is constructed from sheet aluminium; each component is precisely laser cut and then accurately folded with a press brake machine. We then install zinc-coated rivnuts and powder-coat each component. The shade is assembled with socket head screws and an allen key. E27 lamp holders locate and screw into the mounting points provided with large round opal LED bulbs - ready for install.