HP 925 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse is designed to provide the ultimate in productivity, comfort and sustainability. The sensor is offset in the angle to match the direction that feels ‘straight ahead’ to the user, keeping the hand in a neutral position.

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  • Users use a pointing device for computers every day, whether a trackpad, touchscreen, or mouse. For users that require greater precision tracking, the traditional mouse is not well-designed for ergnomics. HP Design conducted human factors studies to arrive at a mouse that is ernomically neutral. In order to ensure comfort, the wristrest magnetically attaches to the mouse. Side buttons within reach: Typical mice side buttons are L and R arranged in a forward and back placement. This mouse stacks them vertically for people with different hand sizes to reach within the arc of their thumb, making it comfortable to click.

  • HP Design was inspired to make this mouse because we saw the problems with competing products. Category First: The thumb button is right under the user's thumb, a first for this category of pointing device. Wellness: The correct wrist position, alignment, and force required to push the mouse on the table are all designed to prevent injury or repetitive strain. Designed around humans: The design goals and aesthetic are dictated by the shape of the human hand, and accommodating hands of different sizes. HP designed the mouse to not just fit the hand, but look like it fits the hand.

  • The mouse has a unique wrist-rest that moves with the mouse. It attaches via magnets, making it easy to attach or remove, and uses Bio TPU to prevent allergic reactions. Bio TPU is ethically sourced, and comprises the wrist rest. Between our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, and use sustainable materials, this product contributes to our corporate goals to have every product made wtih increasing amounts of sustainable material.

  • HP helps minimize the carbon footprint of our products by powering the final assembly of 90% of our WW PC and Display products with 100% renewable electricity HP uses ocean-bound plastics with the installation of a high-tech plastic-cleaning washing line at HP’s partner recycling facility Lavergne-Haiti, near Port-au-Prince, which increase the amount of plastic processed while simultaneously boosting its value on the open market — bringing in much-needed income opportunities for local workers. We process 20 million pounds, 9 million kilograms of plastic a year.