The Combat Ninja by Funky Monkey Bars

  • 2020

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Funky Monkey Bars

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The Combat Ninja, a NEW Funky Monkey Bars backyard challenge with the addition of a NEW 3 metre high, 30 degree monkey bar and 3 metre Height Extender. It’s backyard play and fitness equipment for the whole family to use. Innovative, modular, free-standing design that’s revolutionised the possibilities for play!

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Image: The Combat Ninja by Funky Monkey Bars
Image: The Combat Ladder by Funky Monkey Bars
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  • To extend the Funky Monkey Bars modular range allowing kids and families to grow with their backyard frame. In turn, challenging kids to be active and fit through their teenage years and into adulthood. The frame needed to maintain Funky Monkey Bars core requirements of being modular, portable, free-standing and height adjustable and remain compliant with Australian Safety Standards AS4685. The frame could be a stand-alone product or could be added-on to the existing Funky Monkey Bars products so that the current customer base could grow their existing frame.

  • The design exceeds the physical challenge of the current Funky Monkey range with a greater physical feat required to lift the body on an angled monkey bar and conquer obstacles at three metres high. A key new feature, a 120 degree fitting designed by Funky Monkey Bars, angles the monkey bars at 30 degrees requiring strength to climb up and down. Additional galvanised steel framing and fittings extends a monkey bar frame to 3 metres and significantly strengthens the frame for adult use and vigorous strength training. The Combat Ninja is independently tested and load rated to 1,920kgs.

  • In an increasingly sedentary society, movement when incorporated as fun and fitness improves the health and wellbeing of children and families. The Combat Ninja targets children moving into teenage and adult years, where evidence suggests they are at risk of establishing greater sedentary behaviours and a pattern for adult life. The growth in sales of the Combat Ninja during COVID-19 lockdown has highlighted the desire of families to 'play' and workout together at home, providing mental and physical health benefits at home. The Combat Ninja has also been used in commercial setting as an outdoor fitness station providing community benefit.

  • The Combat Ninja and its key features, the Combat Ladder & the Height Extender, have increased loyalty of the existing Funky Monkey Bars customer base. They are enthusiastically adopting these 'add-on' elements to their existing Funky Monkey Bar frames to enjoy physical, mental and social benefits for life. As Funky Monkey Bars manufacture its frames in Australia, and with increased production due to demand during COVID-19, the company has increased its local workforce at a time when unemployment is growing and the economy is suffering in Australia. Due to the modular design and manufacturing in Western Australia, Funky Monkey Bars have been accessible to Australian consumers looking for fitness equipment during this current lockdown period. The Combat Ninja can be delivered to the home and can be self-installed and used in the backyard by the whole family. It's brought Australian-made health, fitness, fun and innovation in what has been a stress inducing period in our history.