TruClose® Heavy Duty Multi-Adjust Series 3 Gate Hinge

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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  • D&D Technologies

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D&D Technologies

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The Australian designed and manufactured TruClose® Heavy Duty Multi-Adjust Hinge delivers easy and secure 3-in-1 adjustment for ultimate horizontal, vertical, and self-closing adjustability. Ideal for commercial or residential applications with medium to high traffic gates – around gardens, homes, and public amenities that require full adjustability and self-closing functionality.

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  • Gates and fences move over time - no matter how well installed. This is typically known in the fencing industry as 'gate sag'. Gate sag is when the gate doesn't properly align with the fence. Sagging gates can prevent the gate from closing correctly inducing drag at ground level and impeding reliable latching. This can be a critical issue in applications such as childcare center's. When these problems occur the damaged hinges, latches, and fence post may need to be replaced. Gate sag can be compensated for with this product as movement occurs over the life of the installation.

  • The brief required a reliable solution to adjust a gate position that was quick, simple, and utilize minimal tools. Ease of installation was critical, with previous generations requiring multiple assembly steps to install with multiple tools. The challenge was devising a reliable adjustment mechanism with a secure lock position, including designing a product that would survive regular vibration when opening regularly. Concepts with a cam mechanism required excessive force and were not reliable. Consideration to prevent the hinge from separating while adjusting were incorporated into the design for safety – preventing the gate from parting from the post and falling unexpectedly.

  • The impact of this patent pending design increases safety, reduces waste, and with minimal metal parts it is easier to recycle: *Safety comes from the reliability of adjustment to ensure the gate latches consistently - Child Safety. *Using the same hinge for the life of the gate reduces waste. *With exception of the stainless-steel spring, the entire product is made from a common nylon material making recycling simple. Perfect for professionals and DIY homeowners, no replacement hinges should ever be needed.

  • The patented 3-way adjustment is the primary appeal of the The TruClose® Heavy Duty Multi-Adjust Gate Hinge Series 3 - by solving gate sag for good. It's horizontal, vertical, and self-closing speed adjustability makes installation easy, saves time, reduces errors, requires no special tools, and is easy to adjust to accommodate intraday movement. Super-strong engineering polymer housings are fit for all weather conditions. Hardwearing and sturdy polymer extends gate life with no need to worry about rust, staining, or discoloration. Tested on fully loaded gates to exceed industry standards with more than 200,000 open and close cycles.