Ribbon Range Featuring Caring for Country

  • 2023

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Felton Industries

Designed In:


As a suite of outdoor furniture products the Ribbon Range generously connects communities. Fitting for urban streetscapes to lush parklands, the designs are elegant and durable. Evolving into the Caring for Country Range, the designs provide a canvas for Indigenous Artist Billyara to educate the wider community on Aboriginal culture.

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  • Felton engaged Vert to design an elevated, contemporary Australian suite of outdoor furniture that lends dignity to important life events, whilst simultaneously producing high quality furniture at a competitive price. The range was to comply with Australian Standards, with an aspiration for local manufacture. Visual and functional elements were to meet the intended value proposition, consider user experience and prioritise product lifecycle and environmental impact. The furniture was to become a canvas for engaging with culturally appropriate artwork, with Felton partnering with Indigenous artist Billyara to create the Caring for Country Range and a new brief of wrapping the furniture.

  • The Ribbon Range offers durability, functionality, and an open loop frame paired with Blackbutt timber battens, to create a contemporary Australian aesthetic built to last. The range is designed in sub-assemblies for ease of manufacture, transport, installation and serviceability. At a mid-range price point, it delivers value for commercial buyers, offering long term cost savings through product longevity. Additionally, the range meets Australian Standard AS1428.2. The suite provides a canvas for Billyara to display educational artworks that celebrate Indigenous culture, Australia-wide. The Caring for Country Range provides further education through a QR code that links to further videos and resources.

  • Felton’s driving vision is to turn public spaces into meeting places. Through the ranges, they intend to lend dignity to public spaces that encourage and vitalise community connection, with the addition of education into Australia's rich Indigenous culture in Caring for Country range. The artworks explore sustainable land management practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and this knowledge offers valuable perspectives on the impacts and ways we may alleviate climate change in future generations. Both ranges present an opportunity for councils, schools and organisations to invest in quality, durable, well considered street furniture that is functional and aspirational.

  • All furniture pieces are cohesive, with an iconic open loop frame design suited to a modern Australian aesthetic. The ranges are suited to a mid-price point with an intention to elevate above Felton’s other product ranges and create furniture that celebrates public spaces. The furniture is constructed in sub-assemblies for ease of transport, building and maintenance, and is surface mounted for steadfast stability. All materials are sourced and manufactured within NSW, and all designs comply with DDA. The bench seat with backrest offers wide battens to deliver added comfort, and also provides the canvas for Billyara’s intentional and educational artworks in Caring for Country Range. The outdoor setting offers tables and chairs for comfort, style and durability, with leg supports that flow backwards for greater ease of access. Billyara’s process was to look into each product and how it would relate back to Indigenous culture. For example, the table artwork includes images of animals unique to Australia, and represents totems across the land, coming together. The display of Indigenous artwork in public spaces creates more meaningful and engaging spaces, and educates on Indigenous history and culture, which is reinforced through the QR codes that link to further resources.