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  • 2022

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  • Tomas Xie
  • Tanggram Team

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Tanggram, Australia’s first smart wealth creating app. In 2020, we launched the Tanggram app offering everyday people a potential steady income stream and teaching everyone that investing can be simple, easy, and fun. Within just one year, over 70,000 people have joined us.

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  • There are numerous entry barriers in the current financial management industry. The rather complicated process and high-funding threshold prevented many individuals from entering the market, especially younger people who may not have as much money upfront or are wary of seeking advice from financial professionals, but who are nonetheless looking to grow their wealth. Living in a world bombarded with marketing messages and consumerism, and the constantly increasing inflation rate and living expenses. It is rather difficult to stay financially fit. That is being able to pay for your commitments and continually being able to do so in the future.

  • To help Australia's young people access the market easily, we did a lot of user studies & product-market fit research in both advisor areas and our potential user groups; collecting their feedback and involving them in our design processes. We discovered people are keen to invest in products that promote sustainability and are able to generate regular income, and they are willing to try investing with rewards gained from daily spending. Therefore, we created this solution for people to experience investing with a broad range of investment opportunities, attractive target returns, monthly income, fun rewards schemes, and sustainability concepts.

  • With a low funding threshold of $1000 and the principle of regular investing, using Tanggram can lead to increased wealth over time. Users can commence and contribute to their investment frequently by investing the rewards (called T-Points) accumulated from shopping in the app instead of contributing their own money, making the experience of personal wealth management innovative and easy. For those young families who usually have debt and mortgage payments to meet each month and whose risk tolerance is relatively lower than for other market segments, the stable returns, and monthly income investment options offered are a game-changer for them.

  • With the constantly increasing inflation rate. It is rather difficult to keep a healthy spending behavior and maintain good financial well-being. With our range of reliable return investment options, great liquidity, and other unique app features (shopping rewards, automated regular investments, budgeting tools), our users could learn to better manage their money and gradually alter their spending behavior and attitude towards money. We could proudly say that our app users would have a better sense of security and be more confident to cope with change (pandemic, inflation, etc.). We will be using this as a sustainable competitive advantage to position us to grow into more market segments and introduce the world of investing to more people.