Stralus C 200 Series Acute Care Bed

  • 2018

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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The Stralus C200 series is an innovative new acute care bed range, combining contemporary styling with advanced Australian engineering and design. We placed ourselves in the position of the patient to design a product which offers a calm, personable space in a busy environment, without compromising awareness of their surroundings.

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  • How might we design a new cost-effective hospital bed to meet all international standards and compliance, and along the way, also improve the patient and carer experience? Traditionally, hospital bed side-rails can be intimidating, provide entrapment points and simply look and feel undesirable. Dignity, comfort and confidence for patients was at the forefront of our thinking during the design process for the C200 series. How to provide privacy without compromising access, and details that delight without compromising hygiene and handling?

  • We were required to frequently place ourselves in the position of the patient and carer during the C200 design process. Taking inspiration from fields as broad as premium aircraft seating design, our response to the main design challenges are expressed in the innovative wrap around head and foot-board design, and the large, visible sideboard openings. The range of control options and movable surrounds ensure quick, easy access, and hand holds and controls are positioned to be ergonomic for both patients and carers. All these features were prototyped and tested numerous times to ensure maximum patient comfort and confidence.

  • With its clean, precise and consistent lines, the Stralus C 200 has been styled for a unique look in an already crowded market segment. Coupled with a competitive commercial model and the range of considered design features, it is hoped that the new C200 range will help Stralus break into the market and create a platform for future Australian-designed innovations in health-care and medical products.

  • 1. Unique wrap-around head and foot boards offer protection and comfort for the patient without compromising access and handling. 2. Fast access to emergency positions including CPR and Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg. 3. One touch side egress position and ergonomically placed grip handles provide stable support for safer and easier bed exit. 4. Intuitively designed user interface- for ease of patient and carer use. 5. Rigorously engineered and tested to meet all Australian safety standards and compliance. Including entrapment and pinch points of surround elements. 5. High quality blow mould side rails- designed, prototyped and refined with suppliers for precision and the highest quality surface finish. 6. The use of cost effective manufacturing techniques keeps the product cost low, whilst offering a premium finish. 7. Modular design gives flexibility to the product range without added inventory costs.