Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer

  • 2022

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Alquemy

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Nama’s mission is to help people live well and foster wellness rituals. Consuming more plants is at the core of this mission. The J2 cold press juicer solves several user pain points associated with juicing to provide a solution that makes it easier for families to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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  • The design challenge was to resolve 3 distinct needs: Design a juicer that reduces prep time Design a juicer that is hands-free Design a juicer that is easy to clean

  • The J2 provides no fuss, hands free juicing. With most juicers, ingredients are cut up and inserted into the chute one by one. The J2 features an innovative, extra wide mouth hopper which fits over a serving’s worth of whole fruit and vegetables, meaning the user can insert all their ingredients and walk away. Cleaning is simplified with a removable hopper lid and openable pulp exit. The auger’s slow rotation keeps nutrients intact by minimizing oxidation and heat generation, preserving natural flavours and nutrients. The J2 yields 60% more juice than traditional high-speed juicers, reducing food waste and saving money.

  • The J2 has surpassed all sales expectations, bolstered by the growing shift to adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. Through innovative design development, several pain points associated with traditional slow juicers have been improved such as prep and cleaning time. In this way, the J2 makes it easy to adopt juicing as a daily ritual to improve health and wellness. Safety-switches have been cleverly concealed within the hopper and auger assemblies, allowing a unique silhouette to the product. This revised archetype differentiates the J2 from its competitors, not only through its striking appearance but also its improved function.

  • •All materials are food safe and BPA-free •All packaging and printed materials are FSC Certified and printed with plant-based inks. They are recyclable and compostable.