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STORE+ is the revolutionary of smart cabinetry work; boasting with adaptive, stylish and customisable system. It’s a cost effective and personal product that will be fitted by consumer’s needs and lifestyle. It combines the simplicity of the shelf product and the flexibility of fully custom-made furniture.

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  • Custom made furniture is typically designed to fit in a specific space. This takes a lot of creativity and time invested by the designer and manufacturer for each piece. Also, as there is no standard size; it makes the production an expensive and overwhelming process. There is a severe lack of customisation options available of wall-based cabinetry for consumers. The aesthetic and function of the products available are very similar among all the competing retailers in the market. A large portion of the population are inspired by DIY IKEA hack; however most are unable to execute the DIY's craftsmanship shown.

  • Inspired by LEGO, STORE+ is furniture that is able to adapt to suit almost any house/office and truly customise the look of the space. Consumers can choose to create an AVUnit, Bookcase, Console, DisplayUnit, Sideboard, Storage, Wardrobe, WineStorage or combination of any of those. STORE+ comes in 18 standard sizes. To get started, the consumer measures up the wall area, then they pick & choose the boxes, inserts and layouts to fit the space. As the boxes come in standard sizes, it is efficient to be manufactured, while the customable inserts layout are up to the consumer's imagination.

  • STORE+ gives a new option to consumers who can't find what they need from furniture stores, while remaining far more affordable than complete custom-made furniture. Consumers can achieve a totally unique look, perfectly tailored to their space without breaking the bank. This combination of aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture together with cost efficiency allows any space to be dramatically improved in all aspects. This quality is what makes STORE+ a bridge between mass produced furniture and fully custom-made furniture.

  • All verticals inserts are fixed and come with shelf holes, which makes the shelves fully adjustable to suit the consumers’ needs at any time. The 18 different sized boxes come with or without backing and can be placed vertically or horizontally. The boxes also come in 3 different depths to match the requirements of any space. Optional accessories are available including doors, drawers and LED spot/ strip lights enhancing the adaptability of the unit.