ST7500 Tetra Compact Radio

  • 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Motorola Solutions Innovation Design Team
  • Motorola Solutions Development Engineering Team

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:


The ST7500 Tetra Radio is a small, slim, and lightweight terminal developed to meet the needs of public safety, transportation, and manufacturing users who demand efficient mission critical two-way communication. The device introduces a new size and weight expectation to a user group traditionally laden with heavy personal equipment.

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  • Frontline police officers are faced with the need to carry increasing amounts of personal safety and communication equipment. This drives demand for smaller, more powerful communication devices in order to free up personal “real estate” and lighten the equipment burden for users. Designers were challenged to develop a powerful mission critical tool embodied in a smaller more user friendly form factor. This solution would also add critical features such as wireless accessory capability and reduced antenna size. This new size paradigm could not be allowed to compromise the expectation for performance, and rugged military spec durability standards.

  • The Design is expected to be recognizable as a two-way radio yet re-stated in an unexpectedly small scale. Two way radios are traditionally big and bulky. The expectation has been that the larger a device is the more rugged it is. The ST7500 defies this thinking as it has been reduced to a size that is small enough to enable more wearing options than previous offerings while retaining the rugged specifications demanded in the public safety segment.

  • The ST7500 reinforces the client’s tradition of creating mission critical devices with class leading size and performance. This mission critical, purpose-built theme is integral to the client’s brand message and reputation. This device has been successfully deployed in markets where the client operates radio systems and has allowed them to offer a rugged option to their portfolio. Any effort to make mission critical communication an intuitive and transparent process is a benefit to society at large. This solution simplifies communication and enables greater community security by keeping officers focused on their work and not their equipment.

  • The ST7500 has been designed for simplicity so users can focus on the mission, not the radio. The physical interface includes tactile buttons for Push-to-Talk, volume control, and emergency call plus three programmable buttons for commonly used functions. A talkgroup rocker and a simple keypad with well defined, fully protected keys and haptic feedback allow responders to react fast even while wearing gloves. One press of the power key lights up the white OLED display and illuminates the keypad for excellent visibility in any environment. The user interface has been preloaded with the most frequently used functions requiring minimal or no training to use the device. With a compact form factor and weight of less than 200g, the ST7500 creates a new size expectation for public safety radios – without compromising robustness or performance. It’s designed to be easy to carry and wear without getting caught in cables or uniforms due to a very short external antenna, made possible by a proprietary internal hybrid antenna technology.