• 2017

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • SEA-DOO Design Team (BRP Design and Innovation)

Commissioned By:

BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)

Designed In:


The TRIXX package is based on the most compact and manoeuvrable watercraft on the market and adds features not found on any other production watercraft to deliver unmatched playfulness.

The new SPARK TRIXX takes fun to another level with innovations that turn any rider into a local freestyle hero

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  • The aluminum handle bar is designed to allow riders to raise their centre of gravity via a 75 mm adjustable range. This feature enables riders to use their weight more effectively and efficiently to perform a wide range of tricks. At its highest position, it is 150 mm higher than the regular SPARK handlebar which allows for more leverage to manoeuvre, lean and play with the watercraft. The design is inspired by BMX and motocross handle bars, known for their light weight and sturdiness. The controls are positioned for intuitive usage during freestyle manoeuvres. They add distinct visual cues by showcasing the raw materials used in a minimalistic design approach.

  • Key ergonomic feature on the SPARK TRIXX is a set of wedges added at the rear of the footwells. Angled contact wedges are positioned to allow riders to shift their weight to the rear of the machine. In return this feature allows riders to actively use their feet to perform new manoeuvres with confidence. This feature also allows for more comfort, stability and control in different riding positions. These foot wedges are made of lightweight plastic and visually-integrated onto the rear portion of the SPARK TRIXX. They are designed to visually indicate ideal foot placement for the rider. The foot well wedges will accommodate 5th to 95th percentile women and men.

  • Not just a mechanical feature, the VTS, located at the rear, is controlled by the user to enhance the freestyle capabilities of the SPARK TRIXX. The VTS is a standard feature on the SPARK TRIXX, the Extended Range VTS has two times more range than the accessory VTS available for the SPARK model and offers nine easily controlled positions that are ergonomically accessible via the handle bar controls. It allows riders to exaggerate how high they can raise the nose vertically and how deep they can bury it in the water. It also offers intuitive ergonomic preset positions for quick adjustments. At the touch of a button, riders change the vehicle's dynamics challenging them to adopt various ergonomic positions.