Saturn Zen

  • 2015

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Design Lab Pacific
  • Xavier Lifran
  • Eddy Rinna
  • Tunde Juhaz
  • Stuart Watson

Commissioned By:

Schneider Electric (under the brand of Clipsal by Schneider Electric)

Designed In:


The beauty of simplicity. Saturn Zen redefines modern switch design with its clean lines and subtle style and finger-print resistant matte finishes. Available in black or white with back-lit LED flush push-buttons, the minimal look complements any modern or architectural interiors. Saturn Zen simplifies with its unique features that accommodate today’s lifestyle, including pictogram icon buttons and the convenient USB charging Smart Shelf. It combines form, function and affordability offering a complete switch solution of wall switches, power outlets, data outlets, fan controllers, dimmers, cooker switches, USB chargers as well a C-Bus range offering the convenience of lighting control and home automation.

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  • Avoid clutter on the bench space and accessorise switches with this handy charger shelf. Designed to hold two smartphones or one tablet, the Smart Shelf can be used with either two USBs or a twin power outlet, keeping your devices out of the way when charging.

  • Embracing the beauty of simplicity, with its flush offset LED push-buttons, Saturn Zen is a contemporary switch range like no other. The back-lit LED push-buttons ensure you always know which switch is in operation. Or to easily find a switch in the middle of the night, Saturn Zen LED Indicators won't leave you scrambling in the dark.

  • Forget trying to figure out which switch does what. Choose from up to 50 back-lit LED pictogram icon buttons, to easily recognise the right switch at a glance. They're interchangeable too, so if requirements change, simply swap the pictogram icon for one that suits your needs.