Cayman 2.0 Protective Phone Case

  • 2023

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    Housewares and Objects

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Ivy Wei Wang

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EFM™ creates mobile phone cases that are slim yet tough, partnering with market-leading material innovators and using the latest manufacturing techniques. Our unique, stylish, and protective products provide reliable protection for your mobile device. Our cases use sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed materials to consciously lessen our environmental impact.

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  • Creating a phone case that enhances the users' interaction with their device, providing not only protection but style, individuality, and identity. But, at its heart, creating a solution that will protect your devices from the inevitable drops that occur over time. Making the owner feel safe in the knowledge they are protected time after time, drop after drop. Moreover, creating an environmentally sustainable product is crucial, incorporating innovative materials that are earth-friendly without compromising the case's performance. It's vital to design a phone case that aligns with the user's values and concerns, providing not only functionality but also environmental responsibility.

  • Introducing the EFM Cayman 2.0 case - slim but tough, designed to provide maximum protection without compromising on style. Our innovative design utilizes D3O® our exclusive material partners, global leaders in sustainable impact protection. We combined D3O® with advanced manufacturing techniques to create a sleek and streamlined case that is both lightweight and incredibly strong, ensuring your phone is protected even in the toughest conditions. Cayman 2.0 case is the perfect accessory for the on-the-go lifestyle, providing reliable protection while allowing you to stay stylish and connected. So why settle for when you can have the best of both worlds.

  • In 2022, global smartphone sales surpassed one billion units. However, the production and disposal of phone cases, similar to other plastic products, contribute to environmental plastic waste accumulation and carbon emissions. Our solution, we utilize recycled PC, Aluminum, and D3O® Bio in the creation of the Cayman 2.0 Case. D3O® Bio is the world’s highest plant-based impact protection material in the industry, with benefits for water conservation and promoting sustainable waste management, as it enables direct recycling of material waste back into the production process, avoiding post-industrial waste. The Cayman 2.0 Case is designed to last the test of time.

  • The Cayman 2.0 case has been given a new, tougher design while still maintaining its slim and pocket-friendly size. We have reinforced the corners and bumper with PC for strength and rigidity, resulting in multi-layered impact dispersion for enhanced protection. We continually improve the Cayman based on performance testing, consumer feedback, and aesthetic trends. By partnering with D3O®, the market leader in impact protection materials, we gain access to their laboratory, experts, and test facilities in the UK. Our comprehensive testing includes drop performance (with a goal to exceed the 7.2-meter Mil-Spec 810G-516 standard by 6 times!), as well as exposure to UV and sunscreen contamination tests. We also compare ourselves against competitors to push performance boundaries. Our backplate is made from recycled polycarbonate, featuring a MagSafe-compatible magnetic array and D3O® BIO to protect both your phone and the environment. Additionally, the backplate is antimicrobial, UV, and scratch resistant. This year, we have focused on protecting the devices camera lenses with a new design that provides robust protection against flat drops, preventing damage to one of the most sensitive parts of the handset.