• 2023

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    Furniture and Lighting

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King Living

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The 1977 modular lounge is a modern interpretation of King Living’s original Award sofa released in 1977, blending the essence of the original design with contemporary materials and construction techniques. The result is an innovative and fresh furniture piece that pays homage to the past while embracing the future.

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  • In addition to the above, the 1977 modular lounge suite is designed to be easily reconfigurable and transportable, making it ideal for people who are changing homes. The sofa's modular design allows for customization to fit different spaces, making it suitable for both large open-plan homes and smaller inner-city dwellings. This flexibility is an important feature that caters to modern lifestyles where people often move homes or need furniture that can adapt to their changing needs.

  • The 1977 modular lounge suite was achieved through a meticulous design process focused on modernizing the iconic Award sofa from the 1970s while incorporating new materials and construction techniques. Its durable frame features a twenty five year guarantee and is engineered to be easily replaceable and updatable. With a flexible mesh back and unique foam combination, the sofa is a comfortable addition to any indoor space. A mix of quilted and non-quilted fabrics gives it a playful yet timeless aesthetic. The design emphasises versatility, sustainability, and longevity, reflecting King Living's core values.

  • From a commercial perspective, the modernised 1977 modular lounge suite offers a versatile and adaptable piece of furniture that can meet the changing needs of consumers, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. From an environmental perspective, it's sustainable and modular design, coupled with its replaceable parts, reduces waste and promotes a circular economy. From a societal perspective, the sofa's flexible design and durability cater to modern lifestyles while supporting the longevity of the product, which enhances its overall value to consumers.

  • The 1977 modular lounge suite builds upon our renowned benchmark of sofa innovation in product and industrial design practice. Its unique Postureflex ® seating system coupled with springs provides lifelong support and durability, while the replaceable foam and covers ensure easy maintenance. The design is adaptable to changing needs and uses a machine washable, contour-hugging cover that reduces packaging waste. The design process focused on modernising a classic design while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. The 1977 modular lounge suite offers a strong value proposition with class-leading features that are grounded in practicality and sustainability. Overall, the project is unique, imaginative, and innovative, providing a versatile and adaptable piece of furniture that meets the changing needs of consumers while promoting a circular economy. Sustainability, modularity, timelessness, serviceability, and value are at the heart of the King Living brand, and are reflected in this relaunch of a beloved classic.