PIVYT Architectural Hardware by Lane

  • 2022

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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ITW-Australia Pty Ltd

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PIVYT by Lane is a sleek new way to access and secure your home. Rather than the traditional rotation of a handle or knob, PIVYT opens with a simple pulling action. PIVYT’s elegant form perfectly embodies the innovative and compact engineering across a coordinated range of architectural-hardware products.

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  • The design brief was to develop a completely new and unique door-hardware product/system/solution that didn’t rely on traditional componentry or methods. Traditional door-hardware componentry has existed and remained unchanged for decades, and the challenge for this project was to break new ground in order to improve the way door-access/door-levers work, and in parallel the way the door-access/door-handles look. The design brief required this to be achieved through the design and development of new patent-protected technology.

  • To achieve the first part of the Brief (improve the way it works), the project painstakingly developed patented designs for the door’s latch mechanism through simple/more compact mechanisms, making it quicker to install and easy to use. The unique mechanism-design provided the opportunity to develop a completely new interaction for door-handles and their action of operation. Simply tilt the door-lever towards yourself to release the latch and open the door. Expressed with authenticity, the elegant and evocative aesthetics are more akin to adornments on the door, rather than an apparatus on the door.

  • This project has achieved a new benchmark for door-hardware innovation that will provide ongoing benefits to Lane through the patented technology. Not only has it delivered a “standout” product into a highly competitive market that constantly contends with commodification, but it has also enhanced the Lane brand and set it apart from competitors. In addition, the technology has long-lasting applications across future product developments, adding to the return on investment. For the end-user, for the first time in a long time, this project offers a new choice in a market that has had an array of “sameness” for too long.

  • •Patented Innovations and Registered Designs •Quicker to install through less holes being required in the door, and through PIVYT’s self-aligning assemblies. •Able to be retrofitted to existing standard doors and hole patterns (when replacing standard product). •The sliding latch is fully flush with the edge of the door when open as a uniquely elegant aesthetic detail (traditional door-latches protrude and do not fully retract to a flush position). •When the door is closed, the sliding latch is activated to latch/lock the door by a magnetic attraction to the strike in the door-jamb. •Easy-to-use and intuitive pull-to-open pivot action (not the traditional rotate-first, then pull-to-open); with the opening of a door reduced to one action, not two. •Efficient design-engineering; PIVYT Entry-Set uses 50% less materials than a traditional Entry-Set; and a PIVYT Passage-Set uses 22% less material than a traditional Passage-Set. •Designed and engineered to endure (achieving in excess of 300,000 operations in cycle-testing – equivalent to more than 40 years of use at 20 operations per day). •Quality design achieving unique, evocative and innovative aesthetic. •A matching and coordinated aesthetic across the PIVYT range of architectural hardware products; Entrance-Set, Privacy-Set, Passage-Set, Dummy-Handle, Large Entrance Pull-Handle, Door-Stop and Coat-Hook.