Pause Awards

  • 2022

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • George Hedon

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Pause Awards

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We run the ecosystem business awards for the ambitious and forward-thinking startups and businesses in Australia. This packaging signals a new era in our five year evolution as a business, and how we deliver the experience to our champions. The packaging and product is fully sustainable.

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Image: Jess Middleton
Image: Jess Middleton
Image: Jess Middleton
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  • We didn’t want to have a spike trophy, glass plaque or anything else off the shelf. We also don’t have a rich history like Cannes Lions, Oscars or Webbys to command respect with any kind of trophy. We needed a design solution that is super creative, prestigious and collectible. In the prior three years we didn't have packaging at all, we wrapped the plastic trophy in bubble wrap and mailed them out. Some winners' feedback is that they liked to see sustainable packaging - so we did it!

  • The design of the packaging was informed by the shape of the trophy which we kept in line with our original blueprint of the rainbow trophy. The brutalist trophy design for 2021 was made from eco-concrete and weighed 1,2kg so we needed not only to make a robust packaging for mailing out but also to make it feel premium as well. In addition to this, we've introduced the world's first Pause Awards TrophyNFT as a digital version of the physical product that confirms the authenticity. Attention to detail was our priority to deliver the lux look.

  • The packaging was made from the recyclable cardboard with single colour print in a small print run of only 50 boxes. Because the packaging is premium, there is more probability it won't be thrown away. Trophy was made by hand with eco-concrete and all elements and materials used have low impact on the Earth, but big for the winner. Our TrophyNFT opens a whole new opportunity to educate winners about the new technology, collect digital art, trade, VIP experiences all in a safe space. It’s the very beginning of an interesting new adventure.

  • To match our brand personality, the trophy for the award is in the shape of a rainbow. And because a rainbow is an optical illusion and doesn't really exist in a specific spot in the sky. The design of the trophy and packaging changes each year but the blueprint of the rainbow is stays the same. One of the key features of the packaging and the entire product was that it needed to communicate luxury and be 100% sustainable at the same time. We wanted to create an object of desire with no compromise on quality. We wanted our champions to feel proud and excited when opening the box and exhibiting their trophy. And finally we wanted to take the entire experience into digital by introducing Pause Awards TrophyNFT. This little feature is opening the doors to a whole new channel of communication, a global market and the metaverse in the future. The PauseNFT trophy is pure art, designed by a different 3D Artist each year. In 2021, we worked with a 23 years old self taught 3D Artist from India Mohamed Basil found on Instagram. We’re breaking new grounds with the packaging that is informed by the product concept.