Peppermint Magazine

  • 2022

  • Communication

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Kelley Sheenan

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Peppermint is an Australian quarterly print magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. As a small, independent publication that champions ethical fashion, diversity, inclusivity, climate action, slow living, sewing and DIY, social justice and more, we tell real stories with authenticity, thoughtfulness and passion.

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  • Sustainability and environmental awareness in media has always had a bad reputation - deemed to be unattractive, dowdy, depressing and uninspiring. Peppermint aimed to tackle those views by focusing on good design and aesthetics first and foremost, to attract readers and lead them into the world of sustainability. We used the best typefaces (including many from Klim Type Foundry), high quality unique photography and quirky, fun illustrations to help drive our message that sustainability could be cool and design-led.

  • Each issue is designed to give hope and empowerment for a more meaningful and mindful life. In this fast-paced world, we feature beautifully-designed, slow, timeless content that endures – so you can take inspiration for many years to come. Peppermint was designed to stand out amongst competitors. Colours, photos and illustrations are meticulously created and chosen along with the best fonts for painstakingly-designed layouts, all of which come together to present a unique, signature style. Our 50% recycled, carbon-neutral paper was chosen not just for its environmental benefits, but to help add a subdued, stylish, sensory, tactile experience.

  • Peppermint has immense social impact through our extensive audience, breaking barriers in print and digital media through the use of unique design and exclusive imagery. We showcase stories of substance often untold in traditional media by raising awareness of topics such as Indigenous artists and makers, body positivity, climate action, social justice and ethical fashion through visual art, design and storytelling. We also give a platform to local artists, designers and photographers. In a reader survey, 88% of readers say they've been inspired to live more sustainably from Peppermint. We lead by example, inspiring businesses and brands to create change.

  • Peppermint has won several awards along the way, with Kelley winning Best Designer (Consumer Magazines) and Graphic Designer of the Year as well as Best Sustainability Program for Publishing at the 2009 Bell Publishers Australia Excellence awards, Consumer Magazine of the Year (in the under 20,000 circ category) at the 2015 Publish Awards and most recently the 2021 Mumbrella Award for Sustainable Practices. Here at Peppermint, we care deeply about not just elevating others making change, but actually making a difference ourselves. We believe that business can be a force for good and be driven by profit for purpose. We’ve donated more than $28k to charity, and for every new subscription we plant a tree. We print in Australia on carbon-neutral paper and mail subscriptions plastic free. We use 100% renewable energy for our office. We’re certified Carbon Neutral, offsetting our emissions through the Carbon Reduction Institute NoCO2 program on a project that lessens dependency on traditional biomass fuels – reducing emissions and deforestation while improving livelihoods and health. We work hard at ensuring diversity and inclusion is always represented in our designs, photography, illustrations and content - without being tokenistic - including racial, body, gender and sexual diversity.