• 2020

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Frost*collective
  • Creative Director - Anthony Donovan
  • Creative Director - Ben Hennessy
  • Design Director - Maria Briganti

Commissioned By:

PAL Design Group

Designed In:


Nubo is an innovative children’s play space, that rethinks the childcare typology. It offers an engaged play experience, promoting and enabling self-learning through connection and play. Nubo offers a calm space for games, activities and rooms for imaginative productions, pure play, curious exploration and other physical activity.

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  • One of the main challenges was to design spaces, signage and activities which would cater for children from toddlers 2-3 years to up to 10 years old. The youngest children would not be able to read, there are doorways only kids can go through, bathrooms entirely for kids. The varied physical difference as well as developmental variation is very great therefore all areas needed to be inclusive and flexible to transform from catering to one age group to another.

  • Urbanite designed dedicated spaces for structured classes to help children learn and engage and flexible spaces for free play, including rooms for investigative scientific learning and a theatre room designed for presenting productions as well as other physical activity. A symbol-based wayfinding and identification system was implemented, allowing children to independently navigate the space while signage was placed at varying heights accommodating the various age groups. One-syllable verbs relating to the purpose of each designated space were scattered through the space to lead children to learn or identify words as they begin to learn to read.

  • Urbanite’s research-based ‘pure play’ offering went beyond the original ‘stay and play’ model to activity play. The overall success of this project is measured through its popularity and the desire for parents and children to linger. In an over-stimulated world, Nubo offers a space for children to focus on their activity, play or learning without many distractions. Where loud and colourful play spaces typically are designed for kids alone – unintentionally separating parent and child – Nubo offers the antithesis: a calm, minimalist and beautiful experience that enriches quality shared time between parents and their children as well as learning and socialisation.

  • Nubo with its ‘pure play’ core is a new concept in children’s play spaces is its first of its kind in Australia. The outcome is the creation of a highly engaging and forward thinking play space for pre-school and primary school aged children to make, create, build and explore as they exercise their imagination.