Metro Tunnel HQ

  • 2021

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • We Are Best

Commissioned By:

Rail Projects Victoria

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Metro HQ is a visitor experience centre where members of the public can drop in and learn all about Victoria’s biggest ever public transport projects. Showcasing a seamless user experience, it tells the story of both Metro Tunnel and future rail projects in the State. Spherical features dominate the design and combine with information, and immersive technology, creating a window to the future.

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Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
Image: Josh Brnjac
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  • The client was seeking a refurbishment of the existing Metro Tunnel HQ visitor experience centre to now house all of Victoria's rail infrastructure projects. All of these projects are individually branded, but a cohesive experience and narrative was required for the new space execution. - Create a narrative that takes the user on the journey of all Victorian rail infrastructure projects - Provide integrated digital/technology solutions into the holistic experience strategy that engage and immerse users - Inform and educate the community about the future benefits of all Victorian rail infrastructure projects - Create an intriguing, moody and interactive space that celebrates curiosity

  • The new Metro Tunnel HQ is a representation of multiple branded projects, thus we made the decision to limit the projects core palette. The restrained use of unnecessary colour combined with lighting and technology nods to the future. This has allowed for each branded project to sing across both static and digital information displays. This combined with robust natural materials has created a warm and inviting space that not only physically represents the underground tunnels but also paves the way for the introduction of all of Victoria's rail infrastructure projects and creates a new experience for repeat and new visitors.

  • Metro Tunnel HQ relaunch has resulted in a diverse range of Design Impacts. Namely; the introduction of a new innovative digital table enabled us to build new design knowledge within Victorian industry through integration of digital animation and scale 3D model printing using GIS mapping data driving more accurate, agile and live data-based information delivery. Further; the social impact of Metro Tunnel HQ is unrivalled - it allows the Victorian Government to inform and educate the entire Victorian public about the societal change benefits of the biggest rail infrastructure in Victoria's history.

  • - 3D Printed Scale 3D Model with Digital Immersive Table - Digital Experience Design - Touch Screen Experiences - VR Experiences - Information Design - Interactive Kids Zone - Education Centre + Program upstairs for Victorian schools