Nautilus Camper Trailer

  • 2015

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    Automotive and Transport

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Ultimate Campers

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Ultimate Campers have built an excellent reputation for creating iconic, quality off-road camper-trailers. The premium new Nautilus redefines camper-trailer benchmarks in terms of style, functionality and durability.

The Nautilus optimises the weight/space/convenience compromises inherent in most RV products by offering: a compact footprint and low profile for easy storage and towing; an expandable living space to rival larger caravans; convenience features and energy systems to provide high levels of self-sufficiency and luxury; composite monocoque construction for light weight and structural integrity, providing rugged off-road capability, long-term durability, low maintenance and a unique design aesthetic.

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  • To the best of our knowledge the Nautilus, with its single-piece body shell, is uniquely the only RV of its type in the world with a true monocoque ('single shell') construction. In conjunction with the integrated floor and bulkhead structures, this forms an extremely stiff and tough structure eliminating the requirement for a metal chassis. The Nautilus's only metal structural component is the drawbar, with even the suspension being bolted directly to the composite underbody. The composite monocoque construction means the Nautilus is significantly lighter, yet tougher, than similarly sized competitive products, as well as offering far greater styling freedom.

  • In the RV world, toughness and lightness are usually mutually exclusive. The Nautilus uniquely achieves both however due to the composite monocoque construction. With a tare of only 1,600 - 1,700kg, the Nautilus still allows for a 400 - 500kg payload. This only requires a single axle and helps to achieve off-road capabilities unmatched by rival products offering a similar internal space. The benefits of light weight continue for the life of the camper, with savings in fuel, access to off-road destinations, reduced fatigue on tow vehicle and driver, better speed matching to traffic, lighter environmental impact and easier manual manoeuvrability.

  • While everyone can appreciate the amenity of a large living space, a physically large caravan or camper-trailer becomes a burden as soon as you move away from the camp-site. Storing and towing become more cumbersome, as well as manoeuvring the vehicle around caravan parks, shopping areas, rugged tracks and off-road destinations etc. The Nautilus provides the best of both worlds with a transit and stored size similar to a 4WD vehicle (allowing storage in a garage or container), yet an spacious and comfortable internal living space that dramatically expands via an electrically elevating roof and a slide-out bed pod.

  • With a brand name and reputation firmly embedded in the 'off-road' adventure category, Ultimate's Nautilus also needed to meet the expectations of this market. The Nautilus has therefore been purpose-designed for severe off-road use with its rugged construction, heavy-duty independent suspension, custom-built Koni dampers, fully articulating hitch and high ground clearance. The lower body has also been shaped to provide excellent approach and departure angles, minimal resistance through deep creek crossings, smooth traversing of sand dunes and no mud-entrapment recesses. Water and dust sealing is also of a standard commensurate with the severe conditions it will be subjected to.

    The RV market is saturated with a vast range of competing models, yet their folded metal & flat panel construction methods inflict them all with a generically bland appearance. The Nautilus's moulded construction allowed a styling freedom unattainable by competitors & facilitated the sophisticated aerodynamic appearance. This makes the Nautilus immediately identifiable, globally unique & expresses Ultimate's core values of high technology, light weight & premium positioning rarely found in this market category. The interior also benefits from contemporary finishes & moulded aeronautical forms.