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  • 2023

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Termites infest and damage approximately one in every five houses in Australia or 130,000~180,000 homes per year. Resolution and rectification work is estimated at $1.3B/year.
The TermiSensor system draws on technology not saturating chemicals to mitigate termite risk. This unique product redefines “best practice” for the professional termite management industry.

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Image: TermiSensor reporting activity in an in-ground monitor. In Action
Image: TermiSensor hardware, an in-ground and on-ground monitor with relevant sensors and the gateway to the Internet.
Image: TermiSensor Hardware, Tight Including App
Image: TermiSensor from an in-ground monitor reported this activity in Darwin
Image: TermiSensor
Image: TermiSensor Onground Monitor
Image: Informative and intuitive Pesense App
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  • The termites which are most damaging to property are subterranean termites. Intercepting and detecting subterranean termites until now, has been a manual task. This entry places electronics in environments which experience extreme temperatures, are always moist and sometimes flood. Design challenges included: •electronics enclosure, imperative to reliability in such environments •develop detection method, lab proven and tested in the field across a full range of environments, soil types and termite species. •optimize detection method, while promoting instinctive termite behaviour within a defined zone. •select the optimum communication platforms •develop communication protocols •develop "cloud" support, specific to the application. •Battery life

  • TermiSensor is a unique, patented, wireless termite sensor. TermiSensor works in conjunction with termite baiting or monitoring stations reporting daily via the sensor network and internet gateway. TermiSensor detects the instinctive behaviour of termites. This unique ability to detect termites, enables Pest Professionals to introduce a targeted treatment at precisely the right time, ensuring colony eradication. Less chemical than that of alternative termite management solutions is used. The TermiSensor is supported by a system of proprietary elements including Internet gateway, cloud-based server, data base, analytics, web interface and a service App. TermiSensor is an IoT system.

  • The TermiSensor system has the potential to revolutionise termite pest management. While the TermiSensor itself is the focal point of our application, it is the TermiSensor System which delivers the full impact. •The System is an industry first, always alert, providing 24/7 termite monitoring of a property. •There is no longer a need to travel to site to routinely inspect monitoring stations, only when alerts are raised by the system. This delivers major cost savings in labour and driving time. •“On time” targeted delivery of termite treatment means chemicals are applied efficiently at precisely the right time, avoiding chemical wastage.

  • Prior to commercialisation, the TermiSensor system was extensively field tested and validated by third party industry professionals and service providers. This collaborative input from industry professionals was key in creating a system that is commercially applicable, viable and easily adopted. Introducing technology into a predominantly labour intense industry has its challenges but the savings and efficiencies are immediately recognised. Installation procedures needed to be logical and straightforward while service reporting had to be accurate and traceable. The Pesense Service App addressed both requirements while adding to the systems data acquisition i.e. termite species, other pests, site details and service activity. The TermiSensor cloud-based support tools are highly proprietary and specific to the application. The Pesense Insight Hub offers all the features expected from a highly developed IoT System - User friendly Web based dashboards, monthly reporting option, activity reporting, Service Provider/Client communication and marketing tool, service history and trending data updates. TermiSensor is on trend with regards to technology and on trend in design philosophy, contributing to a greener more sustainable world. Reducing the industries reliance on chemicals while also reducing a business's carbon footprint per client.