Mirinda BBLz Shanghai

  • 2021

  • Communication

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  • PepsiCo Design & Innovation

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BBLz is an immersive, multisensory beverage experience that transforms Pepsi brands into whimsical soft drinks at theme parks across the world. At Shanghai Disneyland we created an architectural landmark — a branded monument — that brings the fun, youthful optimism of the Mirinda soda to life.

PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
  • This was the third year for our Shanghai Mirinda BBLz experience booth. The task was clear. We needed to harness the positive energy of the Mirinda brand to create a magical experience that transports folks into a world effervescing with hope and optimism.

  • Our solution was a neo-futuristic pavilion that used space, light and chromatic filters to create an unexpected experience filled with the fun, fizz and delight of soda. The outer shell of the pavilion is lightweight and airy, constructed of numerous circles of various sizes. You could say, it's carbonated. The shape was formed by conjoining two spheres, creating the illusion of motion and movement -playing with geometry of the surrounding site. The circular shades run the chromatic scale, forming a rainbow that evolves and plays with sunlight throughout the day.

  • The pavilion itself refracts and disperses light creating magic and whimsy that drew parkgoers to the site. While the pavilion was ephemeral, the experience will live in our customers' minds forever.