Another Reading

  • 2023

  • Communication

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The exhibition “Another Reading – Contemporary Book Design in China” provides a unique platform in Berlin for pioneers of contemporary book design from China.

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  • As a publisher, it was clear to me that digital reading had disrupted the traditional status quo for many book buyers. How can the traditional paper book be reimagined and presented in a new light? Through experimentation, I struggled, twisted, and fought to free myself from the existing concept of books.

  • The exhibition catalogue was created through a series of experiments involving cutting strips into book pages. The first front and back cover pages of the book were cut into 3 mm wide strips of paper, with each page featuring the book title on the front and a different neon color or silver print on the back. This created a visually mesmerizing and tactile experience that challenged traditional book design.

  • A traditional book is typically intact, clean, and delicate. By cutting the cover, the title became less readable, and the book became less stable. However, this experiment piqued the curiosity of exhibition visitors and offered an irreplaceable reading experience that digital reading could never provide. The traditional book seemed to have died, and a new book with folded, broken, and dirty pages was born after interacting with visitors.

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