Lan Ya Bai Yun

  • 2021

  • Communication

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Sun Jian

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This book is Wu Yuanxin’s masterpiece. He is a master craftsman and the national heir to blue calico.

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  • Our task is to propose a book design concept that stands out with the highly-known blue calico book "Lan Ya Bai Yun". This book must be novel, unique, and tell the story of the masterpiece of Wu Yuanxin, the national inheritor of blue calico and his descendants in a simple and easy-to-understand way. It must also be felt that it is part of the continuation of the non-heritage context, rejuvenating it in contemporary society, and can exist at the same time.

  • Lan Ya Bai Yun-This book is a limited edition masterpiece of Wu Yuanxin, a master of arts and crafts and the gold medal winner of the "Mountain Flower Award" in Chinese folk literature and art. The Autonomous Region has collected 40 years of collection and research results in a unique book, including records, research and restoration of blue calico techniques, continuing the non-heritage context, and reviving it in contemporary society. These stories are based on the book records of the integration of Chinese craftsmanship printing and dyeing patterns and blue calico skills.

  • These researches and restorations are based on the collection and research results of 40 years, and the integration of Chinese craftsmanship printing and dyeing patterns. The idea behind the "Lan Ya Bai Yun" series is to record, research and restore all the books on the blue calico technique in one book. Our mission is to create a book with a unique, natural and historical sense to support the inherited concepts and stories.

  • In order to associate this book with the blue calico, we used its main blue color, printing and dyeing patterns and simple patterns of Chinese craftsmanship. We decided to use burlap in the cover design of the book. These two characters come from ancient ancestors' wisdom over thousands of years. The purpose of manually opening the spine is to increase the sense of nature. And installed a handmade blue calico inside. Since each piece of cloth has different patterns on its hands, it can be used in conjunction with books. It is ancient and elegant, dedicated to maintenance and cleaning, and has a deep cultural heritage and collection value.