mini lunchbox and snackbox set

  • 2021

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    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By: for kids

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This mini lunchbox and snackbox set is a fun and functional mealtime solution that encourages families to pack nutritious and environmentally-friendly snacks at school and beyond.The Australian design empowers children’s independence with products they can easily use and the innovative stretching fruit compartment combines versatility with efficiency.

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  • Our design challenge was to create a set of food containers that would: - address the varied dietary needs and tastes of families globally, - align to cultural ideologies, including; the wholefood movement (encouraging children with a wide variety of healthy, wholefoods to support growth & development), and the nude food movement (reducing reliance on single use plastics & individually-wrapped foods). - facilitate portions and promote using home-made, bulk-prepared or bulk-bought foods. - enable preschool/primary school-aged children to independently use products without the help of others. All whilst being fun and attractive to kids, so they will love using it.

  • Our mini lunchbox & snackbox set offers flexibility to cater to global tastes and dietary needs. The varied compartments enable packing of a variety of foods, different sizes and shapes, for easy access at school, extra-curricular activities and on-the-go on weekends. The carry handle/clip are designed for little hands enabling independence and building confidence. Less preparation time, parents can pack whole fruits (apples, pears, oranges and more) while still being compact enough for handling by the child, and fit into the schoolbags. Leak-proof compartments can store dry or wet foods (dips, yoghurts etc) promoting variety and reduced reliance on processed/packaged fast-foods.

  • Our mini lunchbox & snackbox set promotes wholefoods, supporting healthy options for children and reducing preparation time and concern of excessive packaging for parents. Our set fosters confidence at mealtimes. Children can independently hold, carry, open the clip and access food portions based on the day's activities/school break times. Multi-compartments eliminate the need for multiple, separate containers each with fiddly lids that can be misplaced. Our lids are hinged to the boxes, so they won't get lost! Designed for longevity, the boxes can be adapted for growing kids, and changing tastes and needs, to offer a sustainable, good value-for-money option.

  • The mini lunchbox & snackbox are designed for little hands; the format/size are easy for young kids to manage independently. The mini lunchbox has a silicone carry handle for easy access in/out of schoolbag. The set provides peace-of-mind to parents. Food remains fresh and in-place with the leak-proof seals. Seals have a flat inner surface with minimal crevasses, to avoid dirt build-up. The seal cleverly integrates both the fruit stretch feature and sealing features in one part for easy assembly and cleaning. The fruit stretch feature forms a component of the lid and allows for whole fruits/bulkier items to fit whilst keeping a compact footprint. The adjustable divider (in mini lunchbox) provides freedom for variety of food shapes (whole fruits, long rolls, wraps). Divider easily clips in between rails in the box to sit sturdily in place. The tray is transparent so child/parent can quickly assess if boxes are empty or full, without needing to open. Boxes can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. Internal corners offer a large radius to allow for easy cleaning of food remnants and residue. Made from PP and silicone, the materials are food-grade and non-toxic. Boxes can also be disassembled for recycling at end-of-life cycle.