Miele B 2847 FashionMaster steam ironing system

  • 2016

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Design Center

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Miele B 2847 FashionMaster steam ironing system

Sophisticated technology with elegant design

Includes hand iron, steam jet, steam generator and ironing table

Simpler, faster and more uniform ironing results

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  • Miele's FashionMaster is an active ironing partner offering many convenient features. The compact combination consisting of hand iron, steam jet, steam generator and ironing table brings untold convenience into what is otherwise perceived as arduous ironing. The secret of the FashionMaster is sophisticated technology combined with functional, elegant design. When the unit is folded away for storage, it is almost too good looking to be hidden away. With the FashionMaster, Miele has developed an ironing system which helps to make the often unloved task of ironing textiles simpler, faster and more uniform than ever before.

  • Designed with two floor-friendly rollers, the system is effortless to pull and move around in the home like a golf trolley. With the FashionMaster having an integrated ironing table, hand iron, steam jet and steam generator on board, set-up time is minimised. Thanks to its patented 1-2-Lift-System, it requires little or no effort to make the unit ready for use in next to no time. The built-in gas pressure stay allows for infinite height adjustment of the ironing table to a perfect working height of between 83 and 102 cm. The integrated storage compartment allows for all key accessories to be neatly tidied away after use.

  • Miele's patented Honeycomb soleplate distributes steam quickly and evenly across the entire soleplate, creating a film of steam which allows the iron to glide effortlessly, but effectively. The ironing table features a built-in fan with two functions: with the suction function, steam penetrates the textiles effectively, preventing condensation and ensuring textiles will not slip, whilst the inflation function builds up an air cushion for delicate textiles, ensuring these will be smoothed but not pressed. Thanks to 4 bar steam pressure and a consistent steam output of 100 g / minute, the practical steam jet is ideal for ironing hanging textiles such as jackets and curtains with professional results.

  • The B 2847 FashionMaster complies with all applicable safety standards and regulations. Of particular note are two time-controlled safety features: The automatic CoolDown function ensures that, when the hand iron is not in use, the heater element will be switched off automatically after three minutes. For extra peace of mind, there is the Auto-Off function, which will be activated when the hand iron or the Steam Jet are not used for 15 minutes, and will switch the entire system off.

    Made by Miele in Germany, the system is designed and tested for a useful product life of 20 years under normal household use. The fact that Miele products are used longer in the home than other brands before being resold or disposed of due to a defect was validated in a 2006 study performed by the German consumer research organization GfK: according to this study, new Miele appliances remained in use after their initial purchase for an average of 17.0 years, whilst the average useful life of other brands was only 13.7 years.

    Given its superior technology, diverse range of applications and long life expectancy, the initial investment in this Miele steam ironing system does represent outstanding value for money in the long term. In view of the fact that the concept of the Miele FashionMaster has already proven its commercial viability on international markets for a number of years, Miele is confident of also achieving a positive return on the investment on the local market.

    The Miele FashionMaster indeed heralds a new era in modern laundry care, and consumers can now avail themselves of the ultimate domestic ironing system which is commercially available today. Thanks to its range of exclusive features and innovations, the Miele FashionMaster has already received awards from different international design juries, including: • reddot design award winner 2012 • iF product design award 2012 • Focus Open Gold Award 2012 • Grand Prix de l' innovation prix du jury 2013 (Foire de Paris) From delicate silk blouses and dense linen jackets to difficult items with sequins and prints, the FashionMaster is a true multi-talent which makes ironing seem far less daunt