National Opera House, Sydney – Architectural model kit

  • 2016

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Marcus Bree / Bree Industries

Commissioned By:

Marcus Bree

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This product is aimed at lovers of architecture and those who appreciate fine workmanship and attention to detail. It comes beautifully packaged and is the ideal gift for the design savvy visitor to Sydney. On completion it is the perfect size to sit on a bookshelf alongside other treasured objects.

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  • The finished model has the appearance that it could have come from the architects' own studio. The aesthetic approach conveys a truth to the materials used in its construction - the materials have not been processed or treated beyond their original manufactured state. Building the model evokes an emotional connection typified by one of my customer's comments. - “I just completed the Guggenheim model, and it was a delight to build. The precision of the cut out parts is amazing, and the way it comes together is really wonderful. I've always wanted to build something nice out of wood, and even though I haven't got those skills, your models makes me believe I have. I'm looking forward to the Opera House!” - Peter A

  • The model kit is designed to give the builder a thoughtful and enjoyable experience. It gives the builder a better understanding of importance a model can have in the design process. It helps foster an appreciation of fine detail and craftsmanship. The end result being a model they can be proud to display. The kit has been meticulously designed and engineered and comes with clear, comprehensive and easy to follow instructions. The model is accurate in its form and is 'a little piece of history'

  • Through the design process I have gained approvals from the relevant copyright holders and also the approval of Jan Utzon, the son of Jorn Utzon."Dear Marcus, You are welcome to make/produce a model of the Sydney Opera House. Your models present the buildings at a level I find worthy of those buildings, surpassing the usual souvenir-style representations. I'd love to see how you envisage making a model of the Sydney Opera House. Kind regards, Jan Utzon." I don't believe my product poses a danger to the consumer unless of course someone decides to throw the box or finished model at someone. The packaging carries a warning that it contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

  • The timber used in the kits construction is obtained from a 100% sustainable timber source. - It's so sustainable it surpasses any accreditation by the FSC, PEFC and/or the Rainforest Alliance. (As stated by the supplier of the timber material). The production process's employed create minimal waste materials. Once built the model has no further impact on the environment apart from enhancing a space and being visually appealing.

    My product is well made and of high quality. There are approximately 300 laser cut or printed components that are required to be assembled to complete the model. The nominated materials are the finest available and the method of manufacture requires no tooling setup prior to production. Small or large volumes can be produced with almost zero waste. It is envisaged that the kit would retail through galleries, museums and design savvy gift stores and I believe it sits comfortably at the chosen price point.

    This high quality product is in a niche market. Endorsed by Jan Utzon - Jørn Utzon's son. I couldn't hope for a higher recommendation. “I can only give your fine work my highest recommendation in terms of representing the building, and as an item extremely well suited for the SOH shops. I'm sure that it shall be very popular among aussies and tourists alike.”- Jan Utzon. This unique product does not conform to fashion, style or current trends. While people will continue to love great architecture and visit iconic buildings it will continue to sell. I believe I will see a return on my investment in design and development of this product. A good quality, well designed product will always add to a brands value.

    Is the design new and original? - That's a good question and open for debate. I believe the design process is equally as important as the end result and with a massive archive of development work I believe the design of this model kit to be new and original. The design uses revolutionary new materials in ways they were not originally intended. To the best of my knowledge there is no other company producing architectural model kits of the work of the worlds' great architects with this kind of detail and aesthetic.