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  • 2022

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Femom captures essential maternal-fetal bio-signals remotely, and enables clinicians to review it to assess health of the mother and baby. Using electrocardiogram (ECG), the Femom fetal monitor is designed as clinical-grade device, allowing greater access to care and data on the development of the fetus and maternal health. The high-resolution data can be used to identify risks before they become emergencies, and ensure a safer and smoother maternity journey. [Research Use Only]

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  • High-risk pregnancies present an increased chance of preterm and/or stillbirth, with the journey marked by endless visits to hospitals, multiple repeated tests and scans. This can lead to an anxious maternity experience. Fetal heart rate monitoring gold-standard is performed by healthcare professional via cardiotocography (CTG) technology and it remains largely unchanged since its invention in 1960s. However the number of high-risk pregnancies requiring frequent monitoring is increasing, approximately 33 million women with these numbers growing. The key challenge was to provide mothers-obstetricians with a simple monitoring device that could be easy-to-use by mothers, provide repeatable, reliable data. The device needed to capture accurately heart rates and uterine contractions, for the purpose of enabling faster clinical reactions to any concerns before they become emergencies.

  • Femom provides mothers with a convenient way to access care and equips clinicians with high-resolution maternity data to detect early warning signs of maternal/fetal distress before they become emergencies. Femom is a clinician-prescribed solution consisting of a wearable monitoring device containing an electrode array that senses electrophysiological signals from the mother abdomen. The Femom App instantly captures femom device’s signals, other non-physiological data and acts as a tool to communicate with clinician. Femom device’s signals is analysed in the cloud and interpreted by a clinician only, to prevents misinterpretation of results by mothers and the risk of elevated duress and self-diagnosis. Femom empowers mothers with a real sense of being an active actor of their care journey and offers a greater peace of mind.

  • Biorithm’s Femom is an innovative maternal-fetal connected care solution for expecting mothers and maternity healthcare providers. The holistic solution empowers clinicians with relevant information to take data-driven decision with the potential to reduce preventable complication, improve convenient access to care and improve care delivery efficiency. Femom has the potential to enhance the journey of at-risk expecting mothers globally and be the next generation of integrated maternity care solution that brings high quality, accessible & personalized care to every mother and clinicians.

  • + Femom is designed to operate in a unique position on the mother’s abdomen, and from single measurement enables extraction of multiple physiological parameters. + The central aperture within the ‘Spreader’ is used as a placement reference aligning to the naval, allowing the mother to position Femom easily on her abdomen . + Femom alignment to the naval allows for easy, repeatable, and accurate positioning each session for all users. + Femom’s modular design allows for easy maintenance and replacement as the different parts of the device are placed under different levels of stress during its lifetime.