Magnetic Makeup Brushes

  • 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Rae Morris
  • D3 Design

Commissioned By:

Rae Morris

D3 Design

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The world's first magnetic makeup brush range designed by world renowned Australian makeup artist, Rae Morris. The magnetic functionality enables the brushes to stand upright, or hang upside down, when used in combination with a number of accessories. This facilitates organisation, storage, travel, hygiene and cleaning.

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  • As a professional makeup artist of 25+ years, Rae had always had a challenge with the brushes available on the market. Firstly, the head designs/shapes were not perfect (so Rae used to modify them), secondly storage options such as 'brush belts' and cannisters were prone to not only damaging the brushes, but were extremely inefficient when it came to organisation (making the right brush hard to find). In terms of hygiene and brush care, Rae wanted to get the brush heads 'off the bench' where they could be contaminated and have a drying option (after cleaning) that maximised available space.

  • By embedding a magnet in the end of the brush handle, it was possible to make the brush stand up right (or hang upside down) on any surface a magnet will stick to. This mean that the brushes could be organised upright which not only made the right brush head much easier to find, it also greatly reduced the amount of bench space required. Further, because the brush heads were not in contact with the bench surface, hygiene was greatly improved and from a cleaning perspective the brushes could be hung upside down facilitating drying and optimising brush shape.

  • Rae's brush head designs in combination with the 'world first' magnetic functionality has created one of the world's most acclaimed brush ranges - they make makeup easier and brush use/organisation/storage/cleaning more practical and more hygienic. Regularly named as amongst the top beauty tools in the world by the world's fashion magazines, the Rae Morris 'Jishaku' range is a global commercial success with retail distribtuion through Mecca in Australia/NZ, Beautylish in the USA, Zalora in SE Asia and the rest of the world via The Jishaku range is hand made in Japan with an emphasis on animal cruelty free sourcing.

  • In addition to the magnetic functionality, Rae has personally designed all the brush heads in the range making them easier and more efficient to use - where a normal makeup brush may take 10+ strokes to blend, Rae's brushes can do it in one stroke. In designing these brushes Rae sort out one of the oldest brush making families in Japan to personally hand make the range - the Jishaku range is the ultimate combination of Japanese brush making tradition, and innovative functionality. In addition to the brush range itself, Rae has also designed a number of complimentary accessories to work in combination with the magnetic functionality of the range including a plate, a frame, and a travel case. Beyond the brush range Rae is a best-selling author with 6 titles to her name - her most recent 'Makeup Masterclass' is heavily focused the use of the brush range. Rae also developed interactive app version of 'Makeup Masterclass' for iphone and ipad.