Luvlink Infinity Lamp

  • 2022

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The Infinity Lamp range is a unique way to stay in touch with your loved ones. Born out of the need to stay connected in a busy world, the lamp is an easy way to send colours to each other by putting your hand through an elegant ring of light.

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  • Our world has become increasingly crowded and busy with emails, phone calls, and notifications. The challenge was to create a unique product that would communicate meaningful connections subtly and engagingly. A bespoke, Australian design was sought to re-invent the interaction, using the best of technology and the best of humanity to recreate the emotion of connection with a loved one.

  • The Infinity Lamp encourages the interaction of a handshake and the ring design is synonymous with uniting people in love. Simply sending colours to each other by putting your hand through the middle of the lamp. If you have your hand in the lamp at the same time as someone else, the lamps will swirl in a combination of your two selected colours. If you have three people connected, then three colours will swirl together. It is a subtle and unique way to interact with the product and lets your loved ones know you are thinking of them.

  • In a crowded space, where we are bombarded with emails, texts, and phone calls, the Infinity Lamp range reduces the interaction to calm engagements and tactile, sensory responses. It's not an alert or a notification. It's in the periphery but still gives you a strong signal of love and connection. The interaction with the product is a step closer to interacting with a loved one and has become increasingly important with recent global challenges.

  • The Infinity Lamp Range includes: Hand detection technology A simple, translucent light ring Voice recording and playback Record button USB-C charging