Galley Dining Table

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Patryk Koca

Commissioned By:

The Wood Room

Designed In:


The Galley Table is a statement piece with a versatile and striking design allowing vast customisation and manufacturing modularity. Inspired by maritime construction the repetition of frames encompasses a fleet of round pedestal tables for intimate gatherings and grandiose long tables allowing infinite sizes.

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  • The Wood Room are an expert in high end timber design and manufacture, but are not immune to the challenges of local production and competing with imported furniture. The challenge was to design a a product that fulfilled a range of deliverables. It needed to be visually striking and iconic so it is difficult to replicate. Customisation, scalability and manufacturing versatility was key to the Wood Room's ethos, to continue to provide bespoke solutions that cater to customers needs. The process was a collaboration between the makers and the designer to reach all of these goals

  • The Galley Tables achieve their visual identity through repetition. Round or straight it is the legs of the table that define its form and a sense of lightness. The profile of the leg is driven by ergonomic considerations and maximising leg room on even the smallest diameter tables, but allows the table to grow in shape and length as desired by the client. The sybiotic use of parametric CAD design and CNC machining allows for flexibility and repeatability of components, while hand finishing by skilled craftspeople adds a human touch and quality.

  • The Design is ultimately efficient in its use of timber which is a valuable resource. The legs nest during machining allows for minimal waste. The form is designed to be timeless and iconic, desirable over generations, not disposable. Since launching in November 2021, the product has been extremely well received on social media and showcased in several publications and online design portals. Sales have been very encouraging for a product in its infacny, mainly due to customer engagement in the design journey and infinite size customisation.

  • The table can be ordered in sustainably sourced American Oak and Walnut or Native Australian timbers such as Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash and Hydrowood.